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Awaken Your Authentic Power

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
“Direct your thoughts in this beautiful guided meditation. Choose how you will feel. Awaken your authentic power.” “Listen as you open your eyes ~ to the awe of a new day and what magic awaits you.” Gratitude is the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to one’s self. It is a state of thankfulness and appreciation. Be sure to catch up with our 'live' sessions here inside Aura. Join me weekly for meditation, life coaching wisdom, and a sacred space to learn and be supported. Find the details here:
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11 reflections
Awaken Presence
This is a beautiful meditation to begin your day! With each deep breath, I could feel energy flowing into my heart space. This energy began to spread to my whole body, filling me up full of love and gratitude. I will relish in this energy that surrounds my being. I have awaken my authentic self! I am grateful to be alive! I am appreciative to witness this new day! I will remember to be mindful of each precious moment! Thank you Dorothy for such a powerful meditation! Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Didn’t get nearly the reaction out of this session that my lovely friend Cherish did. Hoped to absorb a little of her joy this morning!
This morning I turned my diffuser on which is diffusing Doterra Cheer oil blend. I find this scent uplifting. It is the perfect scent for this morning beautiful meditation session. This meditation begins with setting your intention for the day. My intention is to be happy. As I breath in and out a few times focusing on this thought I feel myself smiling and positive energy expanding throughout my body. Then the focus becomes on breathing into my heart’s center which fills me up with a feeling of love and gratitude for this new day. Wonderful meditation to begin the day with. I will definitely revisit this one to start my day. May we all find at least one thing to be grateful for today.🙏❤️🤗🍀
Keeping warm felt and joyous things feelings in mind this morning. Though the weather is gloomy, I have received good news. This meditation also marks 3 weeks of my meditation journey. I will aim to meditate for longer after one more week. Happy Thursday everyone, keep safe ❤️
This was relaxing and invigorating at the same time.
I liked the idea of my awareness expanding outward as opposed to inward.
Beautiful powerful meditation to begin the day with. It will awaken your senses to experience a new day with appreciation and gratitude. As I begin this meditation looking out my hotel window that has a beautiful view of the mountains, I breathe in appreciation for being alive to see and experience the beauty I will be surrounded with this whole weekend. On my next inhale, I am breathing in appreciation for the solitude I will enjoy while spending a day hiking. Fresh mountain air, damp earth, and the scent of pine trees will renew my spirit. I am grateful for these gifts Mother Nature will be offering to me. As I continue to think about this new day in front of me, I feel a tingling sensation all over. My spirit is awakened to feelings of excitement and joy. I am truly grateful to have this time to myself. It will be a beautiful day.
Truly Relaxing
I feel I’m in a relaxed state after listening despite not having a good night’s rest.
I really need the space to breathe and be in my body. I’ve been missing it. Took me awhile to quiet my mind.
Thank you for reminding me that in just being quiet and balanced, I will find my power.
Brand new day
Feel the light of a brand new day. Inhale the supporting, universal, positive power to start our days. Namaste
Mallé Saksniit
Loving and grateful mindfulness for the day
I will listen to this in the morning to begin my day with mindfulness, relaxation from breathing, and gratitude.
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