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Awake in the Body

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
What is it like to feel and be alive? Are you aware you're alive? It's time you know and experience it
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Let the how be the wow
Nice one! A mental body tour like this in the morning is the perfect thing to start out the week by being with yourself. I discovered the habit of being at wirk already and in „what will be next“ and „what do I need to think of?“ the answer: ME. Feeling better. Works!
Awake and Alive
This was a fantastic meditation to begin my day with! Nitima had me relax my body giving it a way to feel alive by visualizing my body from the inside out. Following Nitima’s soothing voice, I began repeating the word ‘relax’ on my in breath and the word ‘let go’ on my out breath. The more I repeated these simple words, the more relaxed my body became. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, tingling sensations and waves of relaxation washed over me, leaving my body feeling like jello. Wow...What a feeling! The more relaxed my body became, the more room my body had to feel alive. This aliveness radiated throughout my body like a bolt of lightning, triggering each cell, nerve and muscle. Wow...What a feeling! By the end of this meditation, I could actually every fiber of my being come alive! It feels SO great to feel awake and alive in this body of mine! Thank you, Nitima for such an awesome experience and for providing us with this powerful meditation! Namaste ☮️❤️🙏🏻
Walter J
Very good session this morning. I had just reflected about developing patience to my good friend Cherish on another reflection and mentioned several things Nitima mentions in this one. Letting go, allowing, living in This moment etc. I felt a buzz going thru my body today as I relaxed, felt like my Neuron network activated from my brain down thru my whole body and I could Feel the energy flowing under my skin to the different body parts she mentions. This made me know I was alive and aware of everything. Kinda like radar and motion sensor all I one. Definitely will be using this and trying it again!! Thanks Thorolf, Cherish & Nitima! ❤️💥🍀
Letting go
I am trying to let go all tension and anxiety. I think I will try this again later on as it seemed to settle my restless thoughts this morning.
Feeling awake!
Perfect Sunday Morning meditation to awaken the body, feel present and compassion💗
One way to be in the present moment is to awaken our body. We can awaken our body by doing a body scan focusing on releasing any tension in the body. When our body is relaxed we are able to fully tune into our body to listen for any messages it might be telling us. Sensing an aliveness from within, I am filled with a strong sense of gratitude for all my body does. I thanked my body. Nice relaxing session to slowly wake up the body to start my day.
Awaken in the Body...
I did this in bed before getting up for the day. It’s a nice check in before getting up. Noticing any tension and trying to relieve it, checking in with different areas. A great way to start the day with positive intent.
Awake in the Body
I loved this meditation! Relax to feel alive. What a simple yet profound concept.
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