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Aura Protection - Highly Sensitive?

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Highly Sensitive? Then this practice is for you. Feeling all the energies of your colleagues when you are at a party, supermarket? You will learn how to stay strong in your own energy and control it. It will calm you down and make you feel stronger. So when you go out someplace, you can go with no fear and in peace.
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Becoming aware of my aura
This one will take a little practice before I can really integrate it into my daily life. Even as a child if I saw that someone was hurt even in a minor way I would get a sharp pain in my solar plexus and throughout my pelvic area. Eventually I was able to turn this off but I am still extremely sensitive to the emotions of people close to me even if they are not near me so this is a good practice for me. 💐🙏
Protect your energy field!
Feel more calm and peacefull by doing this practice...
Just what I needed
I am a highly sensitive individual and some days are overwhelming, I’m so glad I found this mediation
High sensitive?
This will really really help you.... very powerfull tool gor protection!
I am an empath, very high sensitive. I feel other’s pain and difficulties as if they were my own. I have been this way all my life. I can see Auras but have always had trouble pulling mine in close enough to protect myself. Even having taken classes in Energy Healing and the Aura, I still find it nearly impossible to protect myself from that which is either felt by or inflicted by others. I will practice this, as you suggest, as empaths are extremely easy targets for others. Namaste, Irene🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻
Beautiful imagery
I am a highly visual person, this speaker does really well with imagery guided meditations. I tend to hold on to things I’ve learned visually for longer periods of time. In my cleaning of the aura, memories of certain people and their pain they either shared with me or I saw from a distance popped up at random, how strange and cool. I’ve never thought about auras before, I’m Definitely intrigued.
So powerful. I am an over sensitized person who Carrie's everyone's feelings. This exercise was very powerful for me.
Wow !
I learned that I didn’t really need to do all of the things around me (i.e.; my roommates have been sick- one with beating cancer & my other, Godlike roommate is very sick with his allergies). All that I can do is pray for them, and go to bed!
Aura Armor
As a highly sensitive person, I never realized it is likely associated with my aura. The meditation explains that if you let your auraI get too big, you may often take on the feelings and attitudes of others. The meditation explained by using the image of a parachute and its strings to bring that aura back closer to your physical body as a protective energy.  I could see my aura as a shiny metal bits of broken energy and white noise surrounding me like a suit of armor...
This meditation changed my life.
I had always thought that there was something wrong in me. This was a deep belief throughout my whole life. And now I realize that these were feelings and emotions from others that invaded me as if they were mine. this was what felt wrong, as I somehow knew that these feelings and emotions did not belong to me, did not fit with me.
I just felt super relaxed, but she was a bit hard for me to understand.
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