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Asking yourself the hard questions

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Life Coaching
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Taressa Riazzi
Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
Here we discuss the concept of changing behaviors and furthering our emotional intelligence and self-awareness by asking ourselves the hard questions. By exploring the "why" behind our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, we are better able to move through and work with the challenges we experience.
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I meditate to get things off my mind
I learned that I meditate to get things off my mind and when I feel stressed or sad or anxious I can always meditate to get it off my mind like I talked to Vanessa about not being in a group home anymore because I don’t like being rushed out of my house or I feel like I need to cry because I feel sad about kambrisha or I just feel like no one knows how I feel about my house my feelings are hurt they really are I’ve noticed that as I am meditating god is speaking to me about things like saying Margo keep calm and relax I’m going to take good care of you my child
This is my nemesis question…not just of others but myself also. Getting to the root of the cause, the beginning of what is…however today I learned it’s in self compassion that I acknowledge my Why. Thankyou🙏
I really need to start taking the time to ask myself the hard questions like why am I drinking? and dig deep for the answers. Not just the first thing that comes to my mind.
Asking yourself why you have certain behaviors or thoughts. Really reaching down deep and putting effort into the why question. We can discover much more about who we are, what serves us, what doesn't. And the root cause of why we act, react, or feel a certain way.
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