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ask dorothy: How Do I Manifest? The 3 Secrets of Conscious Manifesting

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
A question I am often asked, and what many clients wish to work on is deliberate (conscious) manifesting. In this episode, I share several secrets of manifesting (listen carefully throughout this recording as there are more than the 3+Bonus secrets). Be ready to dive in as I guide you through a visualization for how to manifest something important - now. Discover the two most powerful words you could ever use for manifesting; and the importance of your feelings for guiding the course of what you will bring into your life - in perfect ways. Namaste!  xo
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4 reflections
I felt overwhelmed with emotions I saw what I wanted to manifest
I learned to work with the universe with intention to manifest my desires
Being present
To manifest you must be in the present. Think of the possibilities being a reality in the moment.
I visualized a all around healthy marriage during this session. It filled my eyes and heart with tears as we are currently riding a tidal wave. Trying to imagine things as a beautiful marriage seems so far fetched but, it was rejuvenating to imagine the storm is over and the rainbows are shining.
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