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As I Began to Love Myself

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Dea Rivera
Tales in Mind
This brief guide to accepting and ultimately loving yourself is inspired by the words of Charlie Chaplin. May it be of benefit. 
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17 reflections
As I begin...
As I begin to love myself, because this is a full time job, I comprehend that things happen at the right time; that I would need to live day by day, and stop worrying about the past & stressing over the future: what has happen, happened, & it forged the person that I am; what will happen, will happen to help me grow... but the present is just that: a present that I need to open and embrace. As I begin to love myself, I understand kindness it's not only meant for others, but it needs to start with one self.
As I began to love myself, I noticed it felt really good !
I learned that God wants me to as value myself as He does. And begin pouring the life, love, kindness, and compassion that I pour into others into myself.
Dea, yes! Simplicity in the moment! Greater challenge for me is to like myself. Will continue to work. Thanks.
The mind can become an ally when connected to the heart. Love that. Thank you
As I begin to love myself
Thank you for reminding me to love myself❤️I have forgotten over time and this is a very good way to remind myself that it is important for me to LOVE myself❤️
As I Began to Love Myself
I learned that my anxiety comes from a lack of forgiveness, the pursuit of perfection, not living in the present but in the past and the future. I also learned that if I listen to my anxiety, it is giving me a message to love myself. I would not intentionally offend or hurt another but when I negate to respond in a self-loving manner when I feel anxious, that is exactly what I am doing to myself.
Self Care
I learned that loving myself is not selfish and very much needed for mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
Stephanie Acheampong
It’s okay!
I learned that loving myself is not a selfish thing but a selfless act. I love me now more than yesterday.
jennifer L.
As I begin to love myself...
I can feel the sunlight of the spirit and connect to the divinity within myself and to divinity within others. God is love and everything can be healed with love starting with loving our Selves, with humility and authenticity.
As I begin to love myself
I am learning that it is not selfish, self-centered, or wrong to start loving myself. It is a new concept for me, and this app is my first baby step towards taking better care of myself for the first time in my life!
I love me....
I love myself more and more each day❤️and will continue to do so without feeling selfish 🥰
I trying!
I’m tying to love myself, I’m learning more and more about me, I know one day, I will fall in love with me.
learning to love an cherrish myself
Challenge I can win. As I start to love myself I realize no one can do it for you I learn no one can do it but myself. Self love is something only you can accomplish.
I realize loving myself is not selfish it needs to be my number one priority in order to be of service to the world. I must do this before all else in action, word and deed.
Self love work in progress
I realized that learning how to love me for who I am is going to be a long journey and that I had no idea of what self love really was and its scary but I'm ready to be a little selfish because it's time I love me!
Self Love
I realized that I’m on the right track. I’m ready to begin a love affair with myself❤️
Carrie B
Living in the moment is where I want to be- ultimate fulfillment