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Are You Feeling Anxious?

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Anxiety is so prevalent that at times you may not even know you are feeling anxious! We are experiencing much anxiety in our world. Join me as I show you how to work with feelings of anxiety.
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11 reflections
Coping with Anxiety
I learned that anxiety can take on many faces two of such being binge eating and lashing out at others. It’s important to check in with ourselves several times throughout the day to see how both our bodies and minds feel. It’s amazing how a short three minute break can shift perspective.
I learned to check in on how my body reacts to my anxiety; and to see how my mind does too.
Feeling anxious
I noticed I do a LOT of those things when I’m anxious - clench my jaw, snack on foods and get cranky and take it out on others (sorry husband). Maybe reaching for a good cup of tea or taking a quick walk is better in many cases. Sometimes I’m anxious - out of habit - and I don’t even know it. It’s important for me to check in with my body now that I know these signs.
i 100% do all those things such as clenching my jaw and not being able to focus my breathing i also sweat a lot like stress sweat so this really allowed me to see almost physically my anxiety and how to be present in the moment instead of freaking out.
Anxiety,depression or what?
I learned that sometimes I mistake my anxiety with other feeling and that sometimes I mistake my depression with anxiety
Life coaching
I learned that I need to acknowledge when anxiety is present
I learned that I need to know how anxiety affects me/how anxiety presents itself in order to calm it
Roxanne Faye
Anxiety Realization
I realized that sudden bouts of anxieties happen to me everyday. May it be because of overthinking or thoughts about fear. And instead of fighting my way to get pass by it, I drowned myself into food and negativity. As a result, I became an obese and pessimistic person. But now I've proved that it was all in the mind. Stop overthinking! It'll never do you any good and it'll only make matters worst! And instead of turning around from fear, go ahead and face it! Conquer it, befriend it! Because when you do, it'll teach you limitless possibilities! 💪🏻
I learned that I need to slow down and realize where my anxiety is coming from and not build it up in my head so much. I also need to realize if I’m truly hungry or just comforting myself. I also need to take time to meditate and calm myself down in the busy day.
When I’m sad
I learned that there’s a lot more to life then being sad and there no point in staying sad forever
Anxiety struggles
I’ve had anxiety for many years now and have tried countless ways to help ease myself to a much calmer state of mind but nothing seemed to work, everything that they suggested in this video I had tried and haven’t come out feeling any better. But after listening to many of the mindfulness audios about anxiety I have come to realise that these are the only things that help me become less anxious. It’s actually changed my life.
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