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Tools to assist with Anxious feelings

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Experiencing anxiety? You are not alone. It's so common today that I invite you to join me for an exploration of anxiety and tips to calm it.
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11 reflections
I did relate...
While listening, I thought about my anxiousness..all the thoughts that crazily pour in my head like instruments playing all together...are my kids okay? Am I okay? How can I keep them from the danger? No, don’t think about that or it will happen!..just so many things go through my, I was thinking if I could control those thoughts and flip them with calming thoughts..I think I would like that..wait..I am going to like when I can control my thoughts, it will be so calming 💕 this is not the end..this is your breakthrough ❤️
Gentle acceptance
I listened to this waiting in the car park. Tonight I’ll be confronting a fear and I feel great anxiety over it. I’ve been contemplating avoiding the situation so I don’t have to feel the anxiety but know I just need to acknowledge it and accept this feeling. This too shall pass and before I know it I will have gotten through it one way or another.
Cindy, great! Struggle at times when not perfect, will work on redirection and anxiety release! Thanks.
Stay still, slow down and notice. Look inside, identify and acknowledge my feelings.
Day 5
I enjoyed this session and it calmed me. It informed me about the causes of anxiety and will help me to control it more.
Calm At Last
It took several tries but I found a session that helped calm me. I am not tense in my body and the pain is gone. The music is very soft. The room is dark as it is 6:41 and I am happily journaling away with my headphones present. I’m optimistic that I can rest quietly for a couple of hours until my next dosage is due of Neurotin while mindful it took a few crumbs of edibles, CBD Water Soluble, meditations, and soft music and an hour doing all these things myself for relief. I do think what medical professional would wait an hour or more for their or their family’s pain relief? Would they tell their child or husband or wife to go journal with chronic pain? Or even someone who was hit by a car to listen to meditation and soft music? It bothers me that I first had this condition when narcotics were readily available and I was able to manage it while working everyday. Now I can’t work because managing this pain has become a full time job. I know there are professionals trying to fight this policy and I imagine it is they or their loved ones afar that they see suffer. I get it. No one wants to lose their license even though CDC has relaxed its guidance. It’s too late. There is a chilling effect and you have to buy anything you want underground. They’ve made a bad problem worse by drilling in new professionals who mimic that pain medicine is not good for you...but fine fir them and their loved ones.
I was reminded of anxiety’s pervasiveness and just noticing it is the beginning of acceptance - nor being a prisoner whilst the gate is open
Are you feeling anxious
What a wonderful reminder that often I am just driving myself too hard. I am driving to a vision of perfection that does not exist. It is okay to just be
Yes. Hard to stop driving hard and accepting that I am enough. Appreciate the reminder.
I must sit and be quiet and invite acceptance in with gratefulness.
I notice that I have thoughts and worries I cannot shut off.
Worries. Too many. Jack is sick and I worry that the doctors will tell us the chemo did not work.
I liked the example of prison regarding when I'm in a negative place with my thoughts. Staying there seems ridiculous when I consider what you just said.
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