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Arachne the Weaver

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Christina & Darrin
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In this bedtime tale, you'll hear about Arachne, who weaves spell-binding patterns on her loom. While the world is stunned by her artistry, the goddess Athena wonders if the young weaver is missing a step. This Greek myth may be familiar to you, but you've never heard it told this way - as a sleep story as sweet as it is soothing. Dreamland, here you come! (Based on "The Wonderful Weaver" by James Baldwin. Adapted by Christina McMahon) www.christina-mcmahon.com
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Why I made this sleep story...
I LOVE Greek myths! But sometimes the stories can feel a bit harsh, with the gods only interested in punishing the humans. That’s why I changed the Arachne story so that Athena would feel like a motherly mentor to the young weaver, rather than a goddess in fierce competition with her. It’s a gentle rendition of the famous myth, and the tone is soothing and calm - perfect to listen to as you drift off to sleep! I’d love to hear if this story helped you fall asleep...
I don’t like spiders and even though I knew it would eventually involve a spider because of her name I was distracted waiting for them to show up !