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Appreciating Our Imperfections

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
We can be so hard on ourselves, expecting perfection all the time - listen to this story to see how it can be our imperfections that are most appreciated
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I always feel imperfect. I don’t give myself the chance to feel any other way. This story made me feel like I could water the flowers too and that was okay.
This stories made me grin so hard..
I've always get those voices in my head negating my being and the things I do because I may be "weird" or "annoying" when all I'm doing is bullying myself creating cracks. It keeps doors closed and never lets you escape... Either way, I am me and I may be imperfect, but I am me. That is perfect enough.
Imperfections story.
Great story reminding us that not all imperfections are really imperfect but, a blessing in disguise! Who among us is truly perfect anyway?
Walter J
Perfectly imperfect. That’s what the pot seemed. It took the observing eye of the wise & hard working woman to see how she could use the pots imperfections to her advantage. Hopefully the cracked pot feels better about self having had this revealed. As humans we have the extra ability to grow, adapt and chose how we will do these. Thus I believe we are perfect at any given time for what we have chosen up to that point. But we are not done growing. So the Best News is WE get to choose which direction we will grow next. Choose wisely - our Life will ultimately reveal our Choices! ❤️✌🏼🍀
You have to find beauty in your imperfections. What you think is unlovable about yourself, is what someone else might love.
Look beyond the bad 💐
I love this story, they say something good always comes from something bad, you just have to learn to see it. This woman even planted flowers to enjoy in her home instead of dwelling on the problem.
A perfectly perfect perfectionist!
I’ve always been a perfectionist, which makes me hard on me, so I tend to be pretty down on myself pretty often. As a professional designer and sign maker, my errors are often glaring and pretty darn public! (Or at least, HIGHLY embarrassing when found AFTER the printed or assembled piece has been released to public scrutiny!) To offset these, I like to relate this story often: Native American weavers will/would typically introduce an intentional flaw into the design of their weaving, because producing a “perfect” piece would cause their very soul to be captured in the piece! It helps me cope with those typos or grammatical errors which slip past my proof reading and numerous spelling and grammar checks! It usually puts a smile on the face of my clients as well!
Appreciating our Imperfections
As the story came to an end, I was thinking about appreciating the imperfections of others and about how sweet the woman was to the cracked pot. Then, she said we should appreciate our own imperfections and that seems lots harder to do. I guess I’m going to have to give that one lots more thought. Appreciating, not fixing. Hmmmm. One thing that comes to mind is noticing things I used to do and how I’ve gotten better as I learned more. My imperfections make it easier to understand others.
Appreciating our Imperfections
After the intensity of the news the past few days, I found myself a bit comatose, functioning well n a very low level. This story was just what I needed! A reminder to be compassionate and understanding with myself.
Appreciating our Imperfections
This story has caught my attention and caused me to pause and consider my own imperfections, well, those I am aware of at least. By overemphasising my failings I can drift into overly hard criticism of myself. I know that being overly hard on oneself is quite a common phenomenon. This story has encouraged me to look at the results of my actions, words, attitudes etc. before making a judgement. Often unforeseen goodness can be seen when control over a self critical mind can be exercised.
Appreciating our Imperfections
This story has caught my attention and caused me to pause and consider my own imperfections, well, those I am aware of at least. By overemphasising my failings I can drift into overly hard criticism of myself. I know that being overly hard on oneself is quite a common phenomenon. This story has encouraged me to look at the results of my actions, words, attitudes etc. before making a judgement. Often unforeseen goodness can be seen when control over a self critical mind can be exercised.
Appreciating our Imperfections
I learned that an imperfection is like a mistake - that they are opportunities to reflect on our thinking, giving us a better understanding of ourselves and not something to be avoided at all costs.
Appreciating over fixing!
My imperfections could be having a positive impact on things I’m not noticing. It’s helps to think my loved ones are still with me appreciating my own imperfections. I should work on doing the same.
I’ve been too critical.
There are benefits I’m not always aware of. I may well admit that I’m not perfect but still am valuable.
Imperfections are good.the pot was doing a job the other pot could not because it was too perfect.this was a Great story and I learned not to be too hard on myself cause someone else might like my imperfection or not think of it as an imperfection.
I love this one story
In this story, I learned that not everything has to be perfect and that we should accept that. And that no ones perfect and neither are we so we should accept them for that and accept ourselves. Everything except god and Jesus on this planet is imperfect. This story has helped with my depression and anxiety.
Although I had a headache this helped relax me.
I’m a cracked pot 😃 It’s ok to rest now, I can do more tomorrow
Imperfections and flaws are how we shine to the world
Our flaws and imperfections make us unique. And they are the parts of us that truly give to the world. We want to hide them or not even admit they exist. They still have grace and beauty. If we hide them, then only we are the ones missing out.
Appreciating Your Imperfections
Celebrate not being perfect. What you may think is your flaw is actually your gift. Explore and use it to its fullest.
Great story
If everyone was perfect the world would be uninteresting. From imperfection sprouts uniqueness. Wonderful story!
I'm not perfeckt,......
But it keeps god busy right? Later linda..............................
Appreciating Our Imperfections
Remember that beauty lies in the differences, in the "imperfections"... when you become cracked, allow goodness to spill out - you will be amazed at what grows from it
I don’t have to be perfect
Others love me for me. I don’t have to be scared to show them the true me. I’m not perfect and that’s what they love
Appreciate imperfections
Find the positive in the negative do things for people that will make everyone happier
My little message
I am feeling terrible always someone wose off than me I am trying to smile it’s really hard having mental health problems it’s horrible it takes hard to try overcome it it does beat me some days are harder than others try stay strong even through is hard I find it hard I find mindfulness so useful it helps slow my thoughts down
I felt embarrassed today by something I said in a presentation to my class and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the mistakes I made and how people viewed my flaws. But this made me feel a bit better because even if I make a mistake or embarrass myself, that doesn’t mean people view me poorly. I am my own worst critic, and my goal for today is to forget my embarrassment and look for what I do well.
I learned to relax and enjoy my imperfections. Along with my imperfections I can impact people around me just as positively. See the positive in all situations.
Yzzil leba
You can do great things What is the small imperfection
If you notice she said that the part that was perfect had no flowers on there on that side. And the part with the imperfection in the crack in it had more flowers in the pot without imperfections.
imperfections always have benefits
imperfections always have hidden benefits no matter how ludicrous or small they may seem and the person who looks for those small benefits is all the more happy for it
Embracing the Imperfections
I learned that when you embrace the imperfect, that imperfection is actually perfect.
perfectly imperfect
expectation of my mother, sister , mother in law or significant others , especially the not so significant others could lead to wavy life
This helped me
I learned that it is okay not to be perfect in anyway there is only one you I would always compare myself to other people wishing that I could be them but now I realized that I am my own person and that it is okay to be imperfect
I don’t appreciate the world around me
I had trouble focusing on the story, however it made me think about how I don’t appreciate whats around me much at all. The cracked bucket felt useless at first, but realized its difference brought a value to someone else’s life.
Appreciating Imperfections
I was reminded of the fact that it’s alright not to be perfect or to do exactly what I think I should be because what I am doing may well have unexpected or unintended benefits!
I needed this reminder i am so hard on myself
i need to give myself grace and room to just breathe and be okay i need to not be my own worst enemy and critic grace breathe love space
I was reminded how much I expect myself to be perfect and I need to release that.
I was reminded that my unreasonable expectations of myself are a source of suffering for me... and it is entirely of my own making. My own perception of my imperfections are a matter of perspective...
... and that perspective can be changed as a matter of personal choice.
Perfect imperfections
I realized no one is perfect. I learned what you may not like about your imperfections others may love..  thank you <3
Lorenzo Artola
I’ve realized that no matter our imperfections we are still who we are regardless of whether or not we can change that, that the people around us still love us for who we are and that out imperfections ARE our perfections, it’s like a ying and yang type of deal and I’m fine, no, I love who I am. Thank you for making me realize that
Good story
About imperfections creating new possibilities Really More how much much
Cracked pot.
I learned my disability is the weakness in me & instead of being afraid that I’m failing at everything. I can be the reason find joy because I have a relentless spirit! Thank you so much!
Cracked Pot
Reminded me that my imperfections add to the beauty of life as well. Like my few extra pounds I’m working to lose also make me more cuddly
We all have a purpose ...
Just because you’re not complete, it doesn’t mean you’re broken.
Another Sign
Every day I wake up and thank the universe for another day and ask for signs that I stay on the path meant for me. I’ve been struggling with body image and imperfections lately. I’ve worked hard at losing weight and training in a boot camp for 6 years. I see a video of myself at the gym and all I see is the same large person from 6 years ago. I’m working to change this image. Today’s piece taught me how to look at things differently and water the flowers in my path. Thank you for this peace.
My Imperfections
What are they? How do I view them and myself? I need to reframe my view and look at the flowers- how those imperfections can be used for good.
Living Authentic
Because of the ways society seems to favor perfection, it can be difficult to accept that we are just like the one pot in this lovely story; perfectly imperfect. But, being perfectly imperfect isn’t a bad thing. As we see in this story, beautiful things can come out of imperfections. The same is true for us. It is only through our imperfections that our vulnerability is revealed and vulnerability reveals our common humanity. Appreciating everything about ourselves, we are free to live our life authentically. Living authentically, we don’t have to worry about which mask to wear around people. We are all unique in our own special way. Live it! Show it! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I learned this past weekend that my old patterns don’t fit my life any longer. My easy way out has handicapped me to be able to fully function. I have found that by me being dependent has taken away my independence. And without having my independence I will always depend on others for my happiness.