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Anxiety Relief

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
So many people suffer from anxiety unnecessarily. This meditation will allow you to go about your day feeling more connected, courageous and happy to be in a body.
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Anxiety Relief
I liked the encouragement of how to relieve my anxiety by using my breath and my thoughts of believing in myself.
In this meditation, you sit upright visualizing your body is spreading roots into the ground. As you exhale, you visualize your anxiety moving through your body into the roots of the ground. Then on the next inhale you feel your body being filled with new energy. This meditation left me feeling grounded and centered.
As the soothing voice and the drumming talked through anxiety, visualizing covering it with a blanket, it gave me new perspective and made me feel soothed and supported. Loved this meditation.
Nice session
I have difficulty with the “root” imagery when I’m sitting. I guess the thought of my rear end growing roots is just a little too much for me. However, the man’s voice was very soothing and the drumming music was wonderful so it was still a good experience.
The power
This meditation somehow made me feel the inner power I have.
Battling panic attacks
I have been dealing with panic attacks that have become a daily occurrence. I loved this music. The drumming in itself helped to soothe that crazy feeling that comes over me. I will be using this meditation regular. Grounding seems to be the solution to my anxiety.
The knocking sound in the background was very distracting. Just use the music.
Mary Jo
I loved the imagery of anxiety as roots going into the ground and leaving me. The breathing was natural and comfortable and not forced unnaturally. Finally, the golden light was soothing and warm and made me feel comfortable if not powerful. I look forward to the day.
Mary Jo
Roots and Golden light
I loved the imagery of anxiety as roots leaving me and going into the ground. The breathing was comfortable and natural, and while I didn’t feel empowered by the the golden light, it was soothing.
I have the solutions
The vivid imagery allowed me to visualize and take power away from what was bringing me stress. Seeing it drain and giving a face to what was troubling me allowed me to release it more easily from my body and mind.
Ready to take on my day
This morning I woke up with feelings of anxiety about the work day. I tried this practice while sitting in the sun light in hopes to put my mind at ease. I feel confident and in control.
The importance of grounding myself, remembering my own power…breathing in the warm light and pushing the anxiety back into the ground.
I learned that I can be intentional about planting my roots in the ground and remembering my own power over work…and the stress of this day.
It really changes energy in your body. It really helps visualize that you are connected to the universe in it whole, that the Earth si so good and patient and healing for us, that we can lift our chin again and trust the future whatever it may be. This meditation track could exist in a longer version I would love too. I saved in the practices to tap into when I need it most. Thank you
I am in control.
I am reminded that I can control what anxiety affects me. It is a practice and takes time, but I can do it. Everything is okay. This is temporary and I will get through it. I have to let the energy flow through me.