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Another 3 Minute Morning - Discipline

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In this 3 Minute Morning, we discuss "Discipline". I offer several quotes about discipline and some ideas on how to think about discipline so that it doesn't feel like such a slog. The bottom line here, discipline is necessary for any type of success. In this session, we discuss the links between motivation, consistency, and discipline.
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Going forth mindfully with discipline
I have never thought of putting together criminal behavior, and discipline as a comparison. I have to listen to this again. World is filled with bad behavior, lying cheating greed, with many successful people who do not seem to have really good hearts, but this is about me and where am I at in my practices as an older woman nearing the completion of my first chosen career of medicine, I would say I’ve been successful and it did require a lot of discipline. If I’ve been a mother, and that indeed has required discipline.
My English teacher told me this in 1976
Sometime you will have to do things even though you don’t want to do them- it’s so true - she also told me life is not fair- but life is life and that bad things can happen to good people … and lastly I don’t need others to tell me “good job” - and that I need to honor and reward myself- no one else- she was and is right… My dad told me this: That I “do it” for me- and to ask myself “did you do your best?” And if so, it’s good enough and if not, learn from it and do better the next time.” Love Mrs Wren and Dad (Charlie) Thank you for the 2023 spin on this- I had lost my desire to DO… when there is too much to do, if I’m too depressed or just can’t or don’t “do it” or even can’t do it- i always find a way- because regret is too harsh and makes me too guilty- I do not do well with regrets and I am too hard on myself even when I do my best- Really for the first time I am giving up Because I feel I cannot do it- Because I feel am not in control- Because I know the pain of “doing it” and the outcome is not in my control even though I “did my best” so I blame myself for “doing” it wrong- and it’s not wrong and it is good enough because I did my best- It is not NOT “my best” if I did not listen to others, research answers, give 110% and turn over every stone to find the answer… no regrets ! And so today I will revisit my core value to “do my best” and So- I simply need to DO Even though I don’t want to do it Because I can Because I am me And because I know I am good enough- because I did my best - and that’s all I can ask of myself… Jan, Janet, Janny -Bany, Wifey, Marme, Mom, Dog Mama and GranJan ❤️ I choose Because I believe it is the right thing to do … and so I “Do”
The one common thing among successful people is consistency. Consistency takes discipline when working to achieve our goals. One day, I was having lunch with a friend which we each enjoyed a dessert. She said to me it is so nice to see you eating something unhealthy. You are always so disciplined about what you eat. I laughed. I do enjoy a treat every now and then. For the last year and a half, I have been working on restoring my health which being disciplined about what I am eating has been very beneficial towards that. When we see the progress in working towards our goals it helps us to maintain our motivation to be disciplined.
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