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Annabel Lee

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Annabel Lee, a beautiful but haunting poem by Edgar Allen Poe, comments on love and loss, reminding us that those we love are always with us even after we have to say goodbye. Annabel Lee is in the public domain.
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My thoughts
I learned that your loved ones are always with you even if tragedy were to ever happen. They will always be there with you to love and cherish. This was a really good take on one of Poe’s most famous poems. :)
Poe is so tragic but so human
Edgar Allen Poe is one of my favorite poets/writers, and I especially love Annabel Lee.
jess 🧡
loving someone who has left
today i found out that my grandpa passed away. although i loved him very much, it has been heartbreaking to know that my mum no longer has her father whom she was very close to. this poem reminds me that yes people leave our world, but that does not sever the love we have for them. no matter what, we will always love those who are far from us, as our love does not end at death