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Anchoring in Here and Now

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Particularly in difficult times, are minds are taken endlessly away from what's here and now into the future - the near or far possible futures. The possibilities are endless, and we don't know how it will play out. How about coming back to what's actually happening right now, and feel the power of being simply present with your experience rather than living in an imagined future?
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Releases body pain too
I realized, using this meditation I could first feel the scraps that irritated me clearly then ease them off. I would try this again when I get one of my migraines
Internal Aliveness
Being in the here and now, the present moment gives us a sense of freedom. This sense of freedom gives us a break from anxious thoughts about the future or things that have happened in the past. In this wonderful meditation, Jiva gives us a gateway to the here and now, sensing our internal aliveness. Sitting on a bench, I closed my eyes. As I began listening to Jiva’s soothing voice, I began to enter the here and now by focusing on my internal aliveness, my breath, my clothes on my body and my feet planted on the bricks before me. After a while of zoning in on sensations, I began to notice my heartbeat pulsate in my hands, legs and feet. By sensing this internal aliveness, I am grounded in the present moment. I am alive and well in the present moment. I am safe in the present moment. Our body is a gateway to the present moment. All we need to do is sense our internal aliveness, our sensations within and on our body, to be anchored to the beauty of life, which can only be found in the present moment. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Sensations Within Body
Often times our mind gets caught up on what could possibly happen in the future which can cause us unnecessary stress into our lives as well as feeling anxious. Jiva’s soothing voice guides you to focus on sensations within your body to help anchor you back to the present moment. This morning I had a to have a difficult conversation with my Dad. The conversation has been lingering in my mind for most of the day which I turned to this session to help bring me back to the present moment. As I focused on the rise and fall of my stomach while breathing , I could feel my body releasing any old energy from the day. I am feeling anchored to the present moment.
I learned in that short 3 minute video , that it's okay to not feel stressed and worry about the future and what's ahead of you because it is my anchor.
Anchoring With Sensations
I learned that since the body’s movements and sensations are always constant, they are a great anchor for our mind.
Body Sensationa
By definition body sensations are in the here and now. I love that. So let go of the anxious worries and turn into the body sensations and the textures of the furniture you’re using , even your clothing,and the way your body feels... Let go of the worry!! Peace...
Feel more grounded now
Held on to the words in the meditation and stayed present and mindful of the moment. Feel much more calm.
Reminding Myself Of The Present
This practice today reminded me that I must live in the present moment rather than the future because we really don’t know what will happen then.
Although it was difficult to stay within my body, I managed to do so most of the time. The biggest take away for me from this meditation is that we can’t know the future sooo it is really useless to worry about it. Thanks for your gentle guidance 🙏🏻
Here and now
This works for me. I know how to do this, but at any moment I’m thinking of the next hour or day or year even. I can do this anytime. Anytime.
Let it go
Letting go and being at the moment with no anxiety and enjoying the gist of every moment in my life.
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