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Amelia's Kisses

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Listen to this heart-warming story about what's most important in our lives, when we so easy overlook this and over-value material things.
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Sweet story
Cherish, you should hear this story today. It's not the gift, its the intent and love behind the gift. Parents understand this better than others. I need to remember more that it’s my simple presence here at home, that means the most to my wife and family, because a slight change to the circumstances and I might have been gone for good. But I survived. I AM here. I may not have the resources I used to have, but I can offer much more alive than dead.
I must appreciate my presents!!!
Every year I feel that Christmas is over commercialized and I had the consumption of materials that goes into presents that go into drawers or are never used. It bothers me every year add I am not materialistic and would much rather meet with friends and family. I must be grateful that I have a family that lives me and appreciate their gifts!!
Amelia's kisses
Gifts from the heart are the best gifts and often the gifts from the heart are not things but truly the outpouring of love from another
Importance of Love
I learned that showing your appreciation for the people you love is one of the most important ways to keeping a strong bond with them.
Think of those you love and share it with them. Showing your love is important