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Allowing Yourself to Feel Satisfaction

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Taking a moment to savor all the good intent and actions that lead you to this moment of practicing for yourself. Allowing yourself to let yourself know that you've done a good job.
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Lovely meditation
This is the kind of mediation that helps you focus quickly and effectively in your body. This one has the added bonus of celebrating your act of self care, which makes it more likely you'll come back tomorrow for another one :)
Self appreciation exudes appreciation
As I felt and reflected on the positives of my life. As I realized and reminded myself that "I have done a good job", it made me realize the impact I can have on others I interact with today and that I can help them feel the same satisfaction and appreciation. Pay it forward!
Meditating is the best decision I've made
And I want to always acknowledge that to myself. My first step into my new life of real love...
I have done a good job.
I learned that I need to take time and tell myself that I have done a good job because ultimately that's whose opinion really resonates with my soul. 🙏🏼
I've done a good job.
So did you :) Self appreciation, it's something I need more of.
Any progress is great orogress
I learned that even though I don’t feel I’m at the place I wanted to be, as long as I’m trying to make good choices and am pushing on forward, I’m doing really well. Any positive change is in the right direction, and working towards positive change is good in itself.
Allowing Satisfaction
This was a very challenging exercise for me, but also very helpful. As a classical musician my whole life involves self-analysis and self-criticism. After so long, these element become embedded and it’s almost impossible to feel satisfied about anything I do, even if it’s perceived as great. However, I have come a long way and accomplished things in spite of growing up in a broken and impoverished home and I should be satisfied occasionally.
I have done a good job🤛🏽
Since the age of 19 ....now48, my life has been no 1 about taking care of other people .... my husband Adrian, my kids Dylan now29 and Dominic Jade 24. Finally I get to rest and put myself first. Just moved from Jhb to Nelspruit and loving the soul of this city. Far from the maddening crowd ... I get time to breathe , reflect , say " I've done a good job... thank you ... this was great 🤗😉🎁
I learned that even with good and pure intentions, my focus can waiver. I learned that in a more secluded nature based area, I might have a better meditation time. I learned that it's always a process. A good, healing, and refining process. It's not meant to be mastered from the beginning or the end. Life is a process.
I did a good job?
I had a bit of challenge with this one. I may try it again. I actually started working on mindfulness because I had a breakdown. I guess I did a good job not burning my work to the ground! That’s a start.
Feeling satisfaction
I learned to acknowledge the good choices I have made in my life. When I truly thought about it I realized that I have done a good job! Meditation is helping me to see things in a new positive light.
Good job me
Maybe I’m just too silly but this one made me have to try not to giggle. Felt like a dog getting a pat on the head. Regardless, I can see how acknowledging my achievements and progress is important for positivity and self esteem.
Needed this
Over the past year I have dealt with very negative, painful situations where I feel like a failure, despite receiving feedback to the contrary. This meditation was very much needed, and contains a mantra that I must try to embody and live everyday.
Not for me...
Lovely voice and accent, but sounds like it’s been slowed. I can’t listen to it - sorry!
Good job!
I rather liked the Well done, you! I needed a pat on the head today.
A hernia and the other one of my friends is my favorite so much that I would have never thought
What I put out is what I get in return. It's so vital to stay positive and compassionate towards ourselves. Small changes will go a long way.
Letting go of the small things
I learned (and continue to!) let go of the small things - those petty, small criticisms and annoyances that used to take up way too much time in my head, and not brood over that small stuff.
My roommate has a name, I am proud of all I did to her and I am sorry for all the good I threw away
Allowing yourself to feel good.
It’s ok to feel good about getting stuff done. It’s ok to applaud yourself for doing a good job. In fact, you should do it everyday.
How we neglect to tell ourselves about the good things we do. We see others good and commend them on it and make them feel better yet we forget ourselves totally. What a feeling just acknowledging being here and now and everything wonderful we did or just one good thing ... which is taking the time to be with ourselves and meditate. What a good feeling.
Feel good about yourself
I’ve learned to tell myself good job and that I am doing just fine. There are multiple events that led me to this event but I can look back and thank those things because I have found peace.
I have done a good job....
Simply that... I have done a good job This was the right meditation needed in my life.
Grateful for life
With this meditation I realized how hard I have worked and what a good job I’ve done to be where I am today, even if my life is not perfect right now.
Sometimes I forget to see the value in myself and
This was a good reminder to do that. I needed to hear that.
Not satisfied
I have done a good job for myself but this one left me unsatisfied. :(
Good job
“I’ve done a good job to get myself here” It was really positive to acknowledge this especially to nurture myself away from negative self talk and self thinking
Important reminder to myself to return to my heart center and balance.
I can give myself a sense of value. I am happy for my past readings and yoga and all that encouraged me to pursue meditation as a practice. 🙂
Needed this
I needed this this morning. It's hard to remember to appreciate the things I have accomplished but this helps.
To feel Satisfaction
I can tell myself that I made good choices to get here. When no one else tells me positive things, I can tell them to myself.
I learned that I should spend more time appreciating myself, it could go a long way. Session left me feeling relaxed but I would like to try it again to feel more satisfied.
Self satisfaction
All of my choices, good and bad, have lead me to this moment. There are good things coming my way, and I️ can’t wait to grow into the person I️ want to be. I’ve done a good job.
Day 4
I learned that I need to allow myself to acknowledge when I’ve done a good job. I have gotten myself to this point, where I want a peace of mind, and I’m willing to find that on my own.
I struggled with this one too
I think I see something on the level of gaining enlightenment as a good job! Which just shows how easily we can devalue the everyday practises that would take us there, and the value in simply showing up.
Every day I say...
I have done something good today explain at least three things and ask the creator to help with 1 thing I need improvement on.
Self Praise
I learned that I need to focus on the good decisions that I make rather than the bad ones. Even if they are as simple as going to class or fixing dinner. I need to focus on the positives in my life rather than the negatives.
Allowing Yourself to Feel Satisfaction
I am understanding that a big point of meditation is to practice to learn to feel gratitude, kindness and satisfaction for myself, to be able to then carry these feelings with me throughout my day.
Self appreciation
I am who I am supposed to be. I will love and appreciate me for who it is that I am.
I struggle with feeling worthy, proud of myself, etc. I need to focus on being kinder to myself and recognizing my achievements. I feel lucky to have come to this point of having this lifestyle. So many people are never exposed to info on self care and don’t know how much it can help them. I want to spread awareness.
Allow yourself to feel satisfaction.
At the end when they say to think of all the good things you’ve done to get here all I can think of are all of the mistakes.
Good to remember
It is so easy to let the voices of negativity to creep into daily activities. Years of programming and code needs to be rewritten. This was a good step in thinking fresh.
Job Well Done
I've learned any effort I put into allowing myself feel peace and satisfaction is time well spent!
Glimpse of satisfaction
I actually felt a moment of satisfaction during this mediation towards the end. This was nice because normally my satisfaction is saved for more concrete tasks being completed.
A warm hug.
The teacher’s voice, inflection, tone, choice of words are so soothing and caring. It puts one at ease instantly. It makes me want to try my best because she cares. I can do it. I did a good job. I felt like I received a warm hug after this meditation, from the teacher and from myself. Thank you for teaching.
I must celebrate those little wins I have each day - a number of little wins each day add up to a lot
A warm hug from my teacher and myself
I totally love the teacher’s voice, tone, inflection and choice of words. It’s so calming and disarming which is what I need. She sounds like she cares so much; she is so encouraging. I feel like I received a warm hug. I am terrible at taking time for myself, taking care of myself etc. All my energy has always been spent taking care of others. Thank you for the encouragement to take time for myself. I have to work hard to do that. And even if I only get a few minutes, I have done it. I did a good job for myself. I just gave myself a warm hug.
I have done a good job! I feel free of social tension and ungratefulness. I have done a good job!!
I learned that this is good for me and that I need to
Do this more often for myself.i feel that it's a great new experience for me.
Acknowledging self
Often times we will journey in this life with so many challenges that can break us. I like this meditation because it centers you and reminds you that you have done a good job.
Day 95
I found this meditation easy to think about how I started meditating and why but found myself challenged to tell myself “good job”
Friday the 13th of April
I have done a good job to get where I’m at. I read the books and I studied and I have done a good job to get where I’m at. Positive affirmation is something I need to do more for myself so I’m going to say it for the third time for tonight; I have done a good job.
I Have Done a Good Job!
So often we are overly critical of ourselves. We forget to extend the same compassion and gentleness that we extend to others. 3 minutes of being gently reminded that we have done a good job to get ourselves here is a terrific and easy way to begin journeying down the path of self compassion. ♥️
Good job!
This was so very much what I needed to hear, and affirm to myself, today: I have done a good job to get myself to this present meditation. (Thinking about Lil BUB’s “Good job, BUB!”, telling a little boy going through potty training, “You do good work!” [he was so thrilled, his smile was so wonderful!] - and then turning that around to myself - “Good job, Barb! You do good work!”). It’s so easy to get into the rut of “I haven’t done this, I need/should do that” that it’s also too easy to forget that “I have done this, and I have done that.” Because that eventually translates into “I’m okay, I’m good,” and then into being empowered to do more - not because I need to or there’s something wrong with me that I can’t/don’t, but because I CAN, genuinely want to, and see a need that I can fulfill, for myself and/or others. Be as affirming of myself as I am of others and see where I take myself! (I didn’t say, “see where it takes me,” because I am not passive, or being swept along powerlessly, but rather I am a functioning agent in my own life.)
Feeling Satisfaction
This wonderful meditation guides you into feeling satisfaction for a job well done. Listening, I thought back what had brought me to meditation in the first place. I was in a very dark place and I felt utterly hopeless. It truly was an awful feeling of despair, loneliness and defeat. However, 175 days ago, I began this journey of self-care and self-awareness. I have begun to see everything in a new light. I’ve learned valuable techniques along the way to help me stay present and mindful of my life right NOW. I appreciate the small blessings in my life. Where there was only darkness, there IS light. Where there was only despair, there IS hope. While I still have a lot to learn, it is very nice to pause, reflect on how far I’ve come and tell myself ‘Good Job!’ I highly recommend this meditation to everyone! It makes you appreciate how far you’ve come on this journey called life! Have a beautiful day! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Walter J
I Have done a Good Job on getting to This Point! I Have read, listened and studied good information that has led me to make all the countless decisions that have led me to this unique, special & blessed point. Good Job Walter J!! Now keep it up while you help others learn how to make Good Decisions inTheir lives. And Good Job to any who take the time to read this. Pat yourself on the back while you tell yourself “Good Job!” & allow the gratefulness to sink in deep to your soul. Lastly, I want to say “Good Job Aura!” for making all this information available to us! ❤️👍🏼🍀
Feel satisfaction
After a months worth of multiple medications daily I have succeeded in over coming an overwhelming fear !
Reminding yourself that where you are is based on the choices you have already made. I’ve done well to this point. I will do even better in the future.
We are so focused on decision making all the time that sometimes we forget how we ended up where we are. Wherever I am, I need to reflect more on those choices so that I can continue to make good decisions going forward. And reminding myself of the positive results are what makes me feel positive and whole.
Silver Lining
I think that a lot of the times we all can focus too much on what we do wrong & not commend ourselves for the good things we do. In other words I know for me that I need to quit being so hard on myself.
Self Worth
Self-criticism has always accompanied my quest for perfection in all things I do. This meditation allowed me to pause and reflect on what I’ve achieved and appreciate all things done and acknowledge that I did them well.
That I need to get back in to a regular practice of mediation.
I actually have done a good job getting to here and need to stop questioning it
Walter J
Great reminder to take the time & pat yourself on the back more often. We need to Affirm ourselves more often for all the good we have done, instead of beating ourselves up over some past mistake. Acknowledge it, learn from it and let it go! It is ok to tell yourself you are proud of yourself. It is better to tell yourself you are damn proud of All your accomplishments! If we are not our own biggest cheerleaders, then who will be?!? I am proud of all the PMA books, tapes, videos, conferences, etc that j have exposed myself to. I enjoy discussing mindfulness & making more Beneficial Decisions with others, especially youth. I Hope you are proud of Yourself for what you have accomplished so far in your life too!! 👍🏼🙏🏼🍀
Yes! More to do for sure but I did a good job! Some troubles but landed on my feet, new ideas, new directions! Thanks.
I have done a good job!!
I learned that I have done a good job. It dosent matter what I did, but it was always a good job.
I liked this because it forced me to stretch out of my comfort zone box but in a soothing, non-threatening way. It was really difficult for me to say, “I have done a good job.” I said it a few times, as she instructed, but it felt foreign. It conflicts with feelings that I can’t do anything right. I do not really think I’ve done a good job. I think this is a baby step to maybe fixing something. Now this made me cry, sheesh.
In today’s lesson I have learned that I can find satisfaction in every simple thing in life. We take life too seriously to enjoy all the wonderful things that life has to offer, we need to learn to enjoy life slowly and not rush it
I feel like I am protecting the known Universe. I love you all :)
I am doing a good job. Meditation can happen in short sessions as well as longer sessions.
Happy with Myself
I love and accept myself - I have done a good job getting here.
Good feelings
I let the calm of good feelings wash over me. It felt relaxing and purposeful.
Kind Meditation
This was a very kind meditation towards ourselves. It reminds us and asks us to think about our journey and how we ended up to meditation. It praises us for meditating and it was uplifting. I have done enough for myself and I am doing the best that I can currently.
Today I realized that I may have certain legal rights that may prove beneficial. I’m hoping so. Because I can do a lot of good in this world. I wish to change history forever and be remembered as such. At this point, it becomes the principle of the matter. I stand by my oath “no one has the right to torture or torment another human being “.
I have done a good job
It is so empowering using positive self talk and acknowledging everything I do that I do well.
I realized how much I have to be greatful for
I have made wonderful decisions in my life . I have made more wonderful decisions then bad . The bad were so sad. I realize I don’t have to go back to the past I am satisfied and grateful for right now in this moment. Life is to short to go backwards.
Alice Rae
I noticed that I need to be kinder to myself. Daily I should take time for me.
I learned that I have done a good job in my decisions. All of them! They brought me this moment.
Allowing Yourself To Feel Satisfaction.
I’m doing just fine while just being me. I tell myself that I’m doing a great job when I’m upset, but I’m realizing that I’m lagging in telling myself that when I’m just okay; when I’m just being me.
Pause and Celebrate
We need to learn from our past efforts, what worked and what didn’t, to mindfully spiral upward. Namaste
Thank you for reminding me to be proud of myself and to tell myself good job. I never so that but I will start now
Thank you
I never thought telling myself I have done a good job would be so impactful and helpful. Thanks.
It was great to thank myself for doing a great job after 40 years working as a Himan Resoucea professional. I realized how well deserved I earned my retirement! Thank you !
I learned that I should of thanked myself everyday for staying so long.
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