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Allowing Yourself to Feel Satisfaction

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Taking a moment to savor all the good intent and actions that lead you to this moment of practicing for yourself. Allowing yourself to let yourself know that you've done a good job.
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11 reflections
Lovely meditation
This is the kind of mediation that helps you focus quickly and effectively in your body. This one has the added bonus of celebrating your act of self care, which makes it more likely you'll come back tomorrow for another one :)
Self appreciation exudes appreciation
As I felt and reflected on the positives of my life. As I realized and reminded myself that "I have done a good job", it made me realize the impact I can have on others I interact with today and that I can help them feel the same satisfaction and appreciation. Pay it forward!
Meditating is the best decision I've made
And I want to always acknowledge that to myself. My first step into my new life of real love...
I have done a good job.
I learned that I need to take time and tell myself that I have done a good job because ultimately that's whose opinion really resonates with my soul. 🙏🏼
I've done a good job.
So did you :) Self appreciation, it's something I need more of.
Any progress is great orogress
I learned that even though I don’t feel I’m at the place I wanted to be, as long as I’m trying to make good choices and am pushing on forward, I’m doing really well. Any positive change is in the right direction, and working towards positive change is good in itself.
Allowing Satisfaction
This was a very challenging exercise for me, but also very helpful. As a classical musician my whole life involves self-analysis and self-criticism. After so long, these element become embedded and it’s almost impossible to feel satisfied about anything I do, even if it’s perceived as great. However, I have come a long way and accomplished things in spite of growing up in a broken and impoverished home and I should be satisfied occasionally.
I have done a good job🤛🏽
Since the age of 19 ....now48, my life has been no 1 about taking care of other people .... my husband Adrian, my kids Dylan now29 and Dominic Jade 24. Finally I get to rest and put myself first. Just moved from Jhb to Nelspruit and loving the soul of this city. Far from the maddening crowd ... I get time to breathe , reflect , say " I've done a good job... thank you ... this was great 🤗😉🎁
I learned that even with good and pure intentions, my focus can waiver. I learned that in a more secluded nature based area, I might have a better meditation time. I learned that it's always a process. A good, healing, and refining process. It's not meant to be mastered from the beginning or the end. Life is a process.
I did a good job?
I had a bit of challenge with this one. I may try it again. I actually started working on mindfulness because I had a breakdown. I guess I did a good job not burning my work to the ground! That’s a start.
Feeling satisfaction
I learned to acknowledge the good choices I have made in my life. When I truly thought about it I realized that I have done a good job! Meditation is helping me to see things in a new positive light.
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