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Allowing Your Good

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Life Coaching
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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
One of the biggest hurdles that many people have on this journey is learning the art of allowing. In this society we were taught that action and being assertive was the only sure way to get what you want. But that's simply not the truth! I hope after listening to this session that you will start allowing your good to start flowing to you so that you can enjoy this magic carpet ride of life!
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Detachment yoga karma
Since I try and the gaffe comes to my feat the college I want will come to my feat The dream NY X Kurdistan dream fancy life would come right my feeet Stop The stressed out ego Stop Every single egoic thought with math I make myself believe math would be as soft and easy ..math grades fall on mee they flawlessly Come High grades come More Self Trust and self confidence and self “UnConditional” love comes to my life I Am genuine,straight forward Face life with a smile And that why life is always smiling to me I face a smile with mathematics And it’s challenges with my head ! And it’s flawing every THING IS flawing Every high vibrational goods Come to mee I attttact nothing but what my spirit desires and shines with ALSO what it grows with even if it’s uncomfortable I’m never worried Since I know I KNOW every single thing is happening for my good even this fear That has a Pattern in my head Hating studying math cuz she’s un confident abt .. AHAHA make me Go forward more ! It’s not harder than keeping up with a hard person and making em love u just beCuz of my gentle genuine personality especially spiritually within my self !💕 It’s not harder than keeping w ur ex
Allowing. Something made me listen to this. I had no idea it was Teena. I have done 2 meditations that were about allowing. Here this was. So so good. It's all about letting things happen. Allowing the universe to work it's magic. Stop getting in my own way. The vision work, meditations, all of it leads to then chilling out! Once you manifest and move to higher vibration, it's not time for action. You must believe, open up, be mindful, continue inner work on yourself. The universe has this. We are partners! Oh, so magical. Thank you, Teena. So very exciting!
Let It Flow
I am learning that it’s perfectly fine to let things be just as they are. Everything is working out in my favor in which I am positive that much abundance will flow to me when the time presents itself.