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Allowing All of Life to Exist

7 Min
Life Coaching
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Cindy Wolk-Weiss
Embrace your Authentic Self
Learn to soften your heart welcoming Life As It Is to Exist. This coaching session will invite you to be with whatever arises in life in a more gentle and useful way. Rather than fighting to keep out things we don't like or agree with it offers us a gentler way to live.
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Really encouraging
I felt such presence of heart. Felt warm and open. Really acknowledged my being as part of this world.
Things as they are. Accept you as you are. Adapt to change
I felt emotional at accepting everything right now...as it is.
I learned that I dont have to be striving every minute. That I can accept everything as it is including all the worlds flaws and imperfections and not have to strive to make it different right now.