Dancing with Joy
So often we want to do something, but before we act on it, our comparing and competitive mind gets in the way. Thoughts of limitations inhibit our energy from soaring. In this wonderful meditation, we practice being in our center by way of the breath and in doing so, unleash all of our inhibitions and allow our soul to dance with joy. Finding my breath, I noticed it’s natural rhythm bring my mind into a calm stillness. Being in this moment, I visualized a time when I felt joy. It didn’t take long. I was listening to music in the car when a song I love came on. Out of nowhere, I felt my body get up and begin to dancing to the rhythm. Without a care about what others thought, I danced no danced. I felt So free! I felt So alive! Indeed, this was a moment of joy in its purest form! As I continued to remember this joyous moment and listen to the background music of this meditation, I found myself no longer sitting in my upright position. I was up dancing with joy, yet again! Life is meant to be celebrated. Might you find you dancing with joy today! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️