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Allow Your Good!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
It's already done! No matter what your desires may be, the Universe has taken your order and now it's time for you to allow! It is not your job to try and figure out the way there. Let go and Allow!
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Going with the flow
After divorce in 2017, life was out of control. I made the conscience and prayerful choice to allow God to take over. Amazing things happened! Then came 2020 & once again life spiraled. This time I learned the power of meditation, affirmations & my mindset. Again, I’m allowing God to have control & it’s happening, life is truly coming together of its own volition. The universe is a powerful thing!!!! 💜
This has been my biggest challenge. Got out this on my spirit today while writing in my journal and then came to find a lesson to inspire my writing! Had listened to this a time before and it’s just what I needed again to start my day! Today I ALLOW my Good IN!!!❤️🙏🏾
Fabulous session! There's a time for action, a time to set intentions, to manifest, and a time to ALLOW. To chill. To let the universe, the higher power much greater than myself, to do its work. In its own time! We need to allow. To not feel like we have to run around all the time taking action. As the song says, let it be. We have no idea how the universe works. How long or short it will take for us to see our abundance come forth. And in what way will it be delivered! Patience. I must say that I've never tried to make a certain goal happen. Such as meeting my life partner. No dating sites. No hanging out at bars. It will happen for me. I am positive of that. And I will be truly amazed at how it comes. Bless you, Teena. 🌷
This was a ‘right on time’ message.
Good is in front, ahead and around…just reach towards it as it comes my way.
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