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Allow the Universe to Deliver

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Jordana Reim
Experience life with a bit more ahh, so
Oftentimes we think we know what's best, forgetting that there is a great power that wants to work for us - the universe. If we don't allow for the universe to deliver, it will come knocking. It may present us with challenges, but the challenges can also be seen as food for our growth, learning, and joyous living.
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Allowing the Universe to Deliver
Thank you for this story! It has taken me 63 years to finally accept that I am not in control of my life, the Universe Is my Divine Controller. I have been searching all of my life, wondering Why Am I Different than everyone around me? I Am intelligent. I Am Strong (Willed! oops!) I Am Compassionate. IAM Empathic! So why don’t my “powers” work for Me? A few weeks ago I started using the Aura App. Finally I found a group of practitioners that Understand Me! The Universe is starting to listen to my prayers. I have more Peace and Understanding of how to redirect my thoughts and put them into action. Needless to say, I honestly feel Great for the first time in my life! Namaste 🙏🏼 🧘🏻‍♀️🕉🥰
Happy Birthdqy…Love the Universe
I too am someone that for years felt that celebrating my birthday needed to be perfect. I understand that point! What I loved most here is the message to surrender. The universe will light the candles on your cake each and every day because each day is a celebration of who we are. We are all guests at our own party every single day. Thank you so very much for reminding me to sit back and relax while watching how the universe is guiding me through each day.
I felt comfort in knowing I’m nit in control everything
Thank you. I need to be receptive of what the Universe is saying and be open to it during my job search.
Allow the universe to deliver
Having my own agenda can at times take over. At the same time the universe can't deliver its gifts or signs to me if I'm closed off from receiving them. Yes, I can relate.
So loved this! I had a similar experience recently where the universe clearly reminded me to let go of my need to control situations. Thankful for that lesson and blessing… and thank you Jordana!