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All of My Feelings Are OK

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
In today’s world, feeling overwhelmed is bound to happen at some point. This short meditation uses an affirmation to help you check stop to check in with yourself. To acknowledge your feelings, whatever they might be today.
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Big feelings
I woke up this morning to some heavy feelings of abandonment. A deep feeling that I will never feel love and connection because I am not good enough for it. I am doing a lot of work on mindfulness using RAIN which is what this meditation was able to do for me this morning Allowed me to accept my feelings rather than trying to resist them. Then I can work on understanding how to give myself the closeness and intimacy that I crave from others
Wonderful reminder
This is such an important lesson. The world certainly brings on stresses, and it’s easy to get swept away. I love the reminder that I can choose how to respond to those stressors.