This was deep and profound. It touched me deeply. I'm happy where I am in life right now. I've never been one to chase after the next thing thinking I would finally arrive. Well, except for during my last relationship. Such a sad story. When I heard the news years ago I didn't want to believe it. I too watched his shows all the time. I really must see that documentary. It really was painful to hear about your son. I have a son also. He's grown now. But you know how us mamas are fierce about our children. Especially the way you describe your bond with him. I was the same way with my son. Thank you so much for sharing this and your personal story. Also, I won't ever forget that I MUST be in alignment. In the now. I have lived that way somewhat. But with the spiritual journey I'm on, it's so much more important. Thank you Teena. I love you, beautiful. 🌹