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Affirmations - The Universe Is Ours - V2

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Reuben Lowe
ACT/EMDR Therapist & Spiritual Coach
You deserve this. This is for you to listen to, that ideally, you can relax into. This is because when we are relaxed enough, and maybe even in that space where we are drifting off to sleep, our conscious mind shuts off and our subconscious mind is open for programming. When we are drifting off, there are no blocks from our conscious mind, such as judgments and doubts, etc. This means the subconscious mind is open, easily absorbing, like a sponge to water. Bruce Lipton is a developmental biologist, who studies consciousness and human potential. He states that doing the following is one of the biggest hacks known in the movement of self-growth and spirituality. Do nothing but relax and allow Reuben's words to flow through you.