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Affirmations - Reprogram your Thoughts

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
Rewire your Brain and Re-program your thought patterns by repeating these affirmations. As you repeat the statements, feel the 'I am presence' in your Heart space and in your body. You may listen and repeat the affirmations as you go about your day, or set aside a moment with yourself to breathe, feel and Be. Breathe into your body as you repeat the affirmations. Soften the mind and release the need to get involved in the stories that arise. The pace is set so it penetrates into the subconscious, the moment you begin playing with stories , brain activity is in the frontal lobe. FEeL, FEeL FEEL it in the body. Feel the sensations in your Heart. much Love.
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9 reflections
I noticed that…
I felt a sense of ease with each deep breath. Though, I also noticed that my mind was still wandering and required frequent redirection back to the meditation.
Too fast
I had trouble staying focused because I felt the affirmations went too fast. They made me feel too rushed to focus on them.
Kathleen Peer
No focus
I have no idea what she said. My mind was already off thinking something else.
My feelings
I learned that taking deep breaths and speaking positivity in the air can calm you
My emotions
I noticed I felt less sad as I repeated the affirmations. Initially some made me teary but I felt calmer at the end.
I felt good saying and feeling the affirmations in my body as I said them.
I learned that I can do a short meditation and that’s ok. It doesn’t have to be long.
Gratitude for this meditation on reprogramming our thoughts
All we can do is be. Be ourselves. Cut the attachment and obsession of seeking approval from others. Approve of yourself and most of our struggles will diminish and in time and with practice of listening to positive reinforcement our minds will stop self harm.
The Way I Want To Be
Every affirmation is exactly the way I want to be in my life! I want to be loving, forgiving and everything that was mentioned in this meditation. I want to say it every day!
A lot of these affirmations, I REALLY DO have.
I am peaceful. I am grateful. I am kind. Took a lot of work on myself to get there. I’m proud of that.
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