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Affirmations - Reprogram your Thoughts

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
Rewire your Brain and Re-program your thought patterns by repeating these affirmations. As you repeat the statements, feel the 'I am presence' in your Heart space and in your body. You may listen and repeat the affirmations as you go about your day, or set aside a moment with yourself to breathe, feel and Be.
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4 reflections
I noticed that…
I felt a sense of ease with each deep breath. Though, I also noticed that my mind was still wandering and required frequent redirection back to the meditation.
Too fast
I had trouble staying focused because I felt the affirmations went too fast. They made me feel too rushed to focus on them.
Kathleen Peer
No focus
I have no idea what she said. My mind was already off thinking something else.
My feelings
I learned that taking deep breaths and speaking positivity in the air can calm you