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Affirmation: I Let Go Of Control

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Tracey Marks
Mental wellness expert and educator
This is an affirmation and reflection exercise about letting go of your control and accepting the outcome of a situation. Affirmations work best when the information is personal, specific, and spoken in the first person as if you are talking to yourself about yourself. Follow along with this affirmation as if you were saying this to yourself. Then there will be three questions for your consideration.
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8 reflections
I’m grateful for my meditations
I’m grateful for my meditations because they don’t frustrate me they relax me and I like the fact I get to just spend time just relaxing instead of being frustrated and annoyed with all the things that stress me out through out the days and I really appreciate that being here and with god’s blessings is amazing and it’s making me really happy and I love it so much I’m grateful for my meditations and my meditations help me relax and stay calm that is why I love them
Letting go
I learned that I don’t have to react to try to reconnect with someone. Instead I can let go and just continue with my life and be open for opportunities.
I only have this moment
I will not be a puppet or manipulated by my OWN thoughts that are negative & NOT true, Not ANYMORE!
Great Day
Today oaklin, O and I talked about him using drugs weed to stop the thoughts constantly roaming in his head. We talked about how O presented it to him with a closed perception and not really allowing Oaklin to express himself. He really showed how he is struggling and that 6-7 of his homeboys have been killed and a couple of weeks ago he mentioned he knew how he was going to die… All the emotions came today and it was great. My sister me and Josh talked. I got Keisha number and found out Jen has to do dialysis. All the feelings today and just being overwhelmed. AND ITS OK 💕
Letting things just be. Not expecting a particular outcome. Trusting more in myself and the process.
Let go of control
I learned that I can let go of feeling like I want to contact. I will just let it be.
jess 🧡
i loved these affirmations, although they were a bit fast paced, but that makes sense for a 3 minute practice. wishing everyone a great 2024 filled with so much love and joy. let go of all outcomes and focus on your journey on becoming the best version of yourself ❤️❤️
Letting go of control
The analogy of “opening the oven door” too many times really resonates with me.