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Affirmation - I am more than Enough

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
I invite you to rewire your thought pattern about yourself. Acknowledge your limiting belief system that may be holding you back from moving forwards. This meditation - affirmation is infused with energy healing, feel the vibrations in the cells of your body as you listen. You may repeat or say it with me using your internal voice or even out loud. Listen to it every day for 30 Days and reassess how you feel, and notice any subtle shifts in your internal landscape. You are Loved.
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3 reflections
Weird ending
The last thing she says is deep breath.. or that's what I heard right before the music hit.
I am more than enough
Awwwe!!! What a FABULOUS reminder, and something we truly need to tell ourselves daily….I am MORE than ENOUGH!! We don’t validate ourselves enough, so we look for it from others! Thanks for this refocus, Ivy🙏🏽🩵
That has put a massive smile on my face. the rhythm, flow and energy of this track felt amazing swaying to the affirmation. thank you Ivy I really enjoyed that ⭐️
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