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Affirmation: Healthy & Healed

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to repeat the affirmation: I am Healthy & Healed.  Designed for people who either struggle with their health or want to improve their health, repeating the affirmation will help plant this into the subconscious.
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I am healthy & healed.
Affirmations mean more than I thought they meant 4 weeks ago. What you say to yourself and let yourself believe can become the truth. Cognitive distortions exist and mine has always been that I am not good enough so this meditation 🧘‍♀️ practice was helpful for me this morning on my last day of my Partial Hospitalization program as I graduate 👩🏻‍🎓 from the program as a transformed Samantha. I now know the impact of the mind-body connection. SCD.
I can be healthy and healed if I allow myself to be. It is okay to allow myself peace of mind and move forward
Healing 💙🙏💙
I repeated the affirmations and focused on breathing and I do feel relaxed. The chest cold doesn’t feel right, I think it’s turning into something and my energy level at work is really low. I will just keep repeating that I am healthy and that I will recover soon and hopefully my body will buy that affirmation! Thanks 🙏 Aura
I feel feel my anxiety get worse as deadlines approach. I continue to question if I’m capable of succeeding. The struggling voice inside of me is trying to cheer me on but it is drowned by the darkened thoughts of anxiety. I’m afraid.
Affirmation: I am healthy and healed I am healthy and healed. I am grateful to be healthy and healed since the first of the year. Thank you!
I learned that saying affirmations out loud really changes my mood and makes me feel stronger. Hearing your own voice can be very powerful
There is a lot of power in affirmations. You signal, fire and wire new connections that tell your mind that you (your body) are already those things. Your body then already begins to feel the way you think. Remember to be the mind, not the body.
Healthy choice / Better experiences
I should practice positive affirmation meditation more often. They are healing and healthy. Every thing floes better particularly stressful situations and I don’t fall in to a rut as easily. I just tend to think more positive thoughts and feel happier when I’m repeating healthy affirmations to myself. It’s a healthy choice that leads to better experiences🌞
Sad I’m so sad more sad really sad I’m so saddd I feel more sad more like nothing idk u just don like
Healthy and Healed
Although I enjoyed this meditation, upon finishing it occurred to me that it would be more accurate for me to say: “I am healthy and healing.”
“I am healthy and healed”
I felt my body completely let go and just be. Very relaxing😊
never done one of these affirmations before but I do feel better now, healthy and healed
positive affirmations
i’ve had a cold for over a week now and i’m really tired physically and mentally so i’m here hoping that these affirmations make me feel better on a psychological level because my mental state needs a boost -my immune system does too but i don’t think meditation can help me with that but here’s to trying- so i wish these will sink in !
I am healthy and healed...
I AM getting better overall, but its been a VERY long road to get here! Interesting that I was served this lesson as part of my morning regimin, after having just downed my EIGHT hypertension pills and SEVENTEEN(!) daily supplements! I likewise check my weight and blood pressure each morning. Gotta’ make certain that I don't ever have a repeat of the stroke which took me away from my wife and kids for SIX MONTHS!
I Am Healthy...
Affirmations are so helpful in warding off negative feelings. Thank you for guiding me through my meditation with these positive thoughts. The inspire not only healing but gratitude as well.🙏
i am healthy
just because i eat one cookie doesn’t mean i am not healthy. i am healthy. i am heal.
I am healthy and healed
I am desiring to be healthy and healed so badly. I need to be more strict about my regimen.
Holding my Breath
I noticed that as I breathe in, if I hold my breath, I become more in control of my body, and I felt the breaths come much more naturally
Some meditations I like the affirmations, this one just wasn’t one of them.
Hurting, healing and helping
In my 12 step program we talk about the progress from hurting to healing to helping. I am beginning my journey as a helper. I am forever grateful to all my friends and family who have helped me heal. So now it is my turn to witness the healing journey for others. I am healthy and healed.
Walter J
A short powerful Affirmation to help us Become Healthy again just in time for the Happy New Year!! I Am Happy, Healthy & Healed!! I Am Happy, Healthy & Healed!! Said with a Calm Confidence, it is So! I Hope every one of our Aura tribe has a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!! Thanks for your input & support this past year! I love & appreciate each of you for Becoming Who you Decide to Be!! ❤️☮️🍀
Cyndee 🌊
Feeling Healthy and Healed ♥️
Softening my body and letting this affirmation sink into my body was a very good way to start the new year! 🥳 With a positive attitude and a smile on my face😻
take a deep breath
during this meditation i found myself becoming relaxed and fully present of where i am in life this morning. the affirmation and understanding that i am healthy and healed is truly what i needed to calm me down and get me ready for today.
Healthy and healed
In spite of, or perhaps because of, some health concerns that I have at the moment, this affirmation helps me refocus on the health of my being, and not stay weighed down by worries about my physical health.
This meditation really helped me because i was just diagnosed with epileptic crisis.
So with this affirmation, I learned that I’ll recover in just a little time and that I will be in a perfect and healthy state again.
Healthy and Healed
As much as our bodies can be racked, sometimes or always, beyond our control, our center/soul can be healthy and healed. Namaste
Claim it!
What you think, you ARE! I claim that I am healthy and healed! Manifest it
I would like this meditation to be longer
i love when these meditations have you focus on your breath. it’s so helpful and relaxing. i love them having you repeat affirmations to yourself too. im very thankful for meditation
Positive thoughts
I enjoyed the positive affirmations for health and being healed, even as my head aches again. The slightly deep breathing with the comforting speech here was very pleasant and soothing. I am hoping these positive vibes can do something for my overall experience.
Positive Affirmations
Many people who suffer from chronic pain have a daily battle of WHAT they want to do vs what their bodies will LET them do. Having this constant battle between body and mind can be detrimental to their overall well-being. I know I’ve had my daily battles. In this meditation, Cassandra has us repeat the affirmation, I am healthy and healed. Since my injury, my body has its better days and not so good days. Therefore, I chose to use the word healing instead of healed. Softening my body, I repeated these positive affirmations. I actually began to feel an enormous sense of positivity, which made my pain lessen! In fact, my overall well-being has improved! Thank you, Cassandra! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
I learned that taking time out for myself, and being more positive about things can really make a difference.
Work in Progress
This was a helpful meditation, although I still feel I am going through the motions and missing a bigger picture. Perhaps I am looking for something that doesn’t exist. I understand the steps, but I don’t understand the true meaning and I am not sure that there is any positive outcome other than keeping my streak alive. It feels very mechanical. I know there has to be some larger purpose for this. Right now it is very unclear to me. I am hoping to have my “Oh, NOW I get it!” moment at some point. In the meantime I will keep taking these steps and keep going.
Love it
Wow. Just sitting at the doctor, waiting for me to get in. Something that i was worried about, but these affirmations soothed down that energy and brought me to know that all is well, just something to check upon.
Walter J
I am Healthy & Healed! Such a good, positive affirmation! I liked that it is general, so you do not get sidetracked onto focusing on what is wrong. Plus it is quick and to the point. ❤️👍🏼🍀
Health and healing
I am grateful for the health I have and for the body, mind & spirit’s ability and yearning to heal. Namaste
I am healthy, healed and loved! To affirm is to be. These words are simple but powerful expressions of self worth.
My put at ease.
I learned at need to mindful of my thoughts often, otherwise I get anxious and start stressing out.
The Power of Words
Speaking our affirmations into existence allows for the world to hear us but more importantly for ourselves to hear, listen and have it become part of us.
Walter J
Great short session to speak health & healing back into our bodies! ‘I am’ is one of the most powerful phrases in our language and thus a fantastic way to start our affirmations. Just Bcareful what you say after it because it will go to work producing positives or negatives in your life. In this case we are positively proclaiming “I am Healthy & Healed!” Yeah, “I am Healthy & Healed!” Powerful... “I Am Healthy & Healed!!” ❤️💪🏼🍀
Put in the present tense
I noticed that I had to change the affirmation to the present tense in that “I am healthy & continue healing” as I noticed that by stating “healed” as that it had already happened my little negative voice was finishing up with “yeah right...” which of course doesn’t help at all. So I know that affirmations take time to sink in and be effective but I felt that to be able to get anywhere and make some progress that I needed to shift to how it resonated with me. So first steps I think is affirming that I am continuing to being healed each and every day and then move on to stating that I am healed. A works in progress for the moment.
Healthy mindfulness
Great affirmation. Never thought I would be one to find these sorts of things helpful, but they are truly life changing.
There’s hope
For someone with chronic illness, this affirmation helped me, not by pretending to be a panacea of sort, but by allowing myself to believe I will be healed... It surely will take time, but to hope that there’d be a cure is something that people like me hold onto as much as possible. In the daily basis of managing this condition, it gets very taxing and very discouraging. So by allowing myself to say “I am healthy and healed” has lifted that many anxiety of what ifs. Thank you for sharing this meditation. Namaste 🙏
Healthy and healed
Unsure why I don’t like her voice. All of her affirmations sound the same. I think I just need a little bit of variety in my meditations.
I need to relax to focus my attention best. Relaxing helps me to uncluttered my brain/mind so that I can filter out what is import and focus best on those things that are most important.
I do this meditation various times a day and ever since I had visible and massive be improvements!
Health is an order you give to your body a programming to the cells - a mindset even.
I plan to repeat I am healthy and healed. I want to see how that will make me feel.
Great way to be reminded of our internal power to change. Every time I try affirmations I feel re-energized and more optimistic
Healthu and healed
I learned how important it is to surround yourself around people that allow you to feel healthy and remind you of the power of healing. The past is the past, it is now gone. This is about how we chose to move forward with our lives embracing all blessings and lessons. God is good, God is strength, God is love.
Being Healthy
I used to think that working out daily and eating healthy was the only way to be healthy but as time goes on I have learned that my physical health isn’t the only way to get and be healthy. My mental health is just as important as important as physical health
Power within
Today once again I’m able to connect with my own spirit I feel the energy inside of me that I’m unstoppable in Christ Jesus I stand whole
Badass warrior
I am heathy and healed ...
I learned that affirmations really do work . Set my intentions first thing in the morning and let them sink in .
hanging tuff
I've learned when it seems like no one in the world cares, that's when you really have to care about your self!
Make time for the things that matter
Last night, I learned how rewarding and happy I felt when I set a portion of my day aside for true quality time and true quality activities with Bryce. We put on specific music, lit all of the candles, we both got ready for ourselves and for each other. I set the table with candles, treats, and crystals. We made a luxurious breakfast for dinner date night. We ate at the beautifully set table instead of letting ourselves become passive with tv. We danced and giggled and drank wine. It felt so good and I feel so happy. I need to continue to treat things that matter in my life this way. Carving out time to be presently in the moment for the things I love and want. This makes me feel more fulfilled.
My mind wanders, but I also felt tearful thinking about how hard the healing process is.
I have struggled with so much this year. I need to learn how to control my emotions, think before I speak, never speak unkind words that I can not take back. It’s painful and causes harm. I’m afraid not of losing him but of not getting him back. I fear I’ve already lost him. And I’m so sad
I AM healthy ans healed
The negative energy that I absorb affects me mind, body and soul. I then project this energy!
Thank you!!
I am healthy and healed!!!! I needed this affirmation today!!! Gracias ❤️
Positive affirmations
I AM healthy and healed. And also affirm that my family and people I love and care about are too.
I am healthy and healed-what a pleasant affirmation to start the day.
I learned that a positive outlook can set the tone for the day ahead. It can reduce anxiety.
Kelsey Gerber
Health anxiety be gone
This really helps me when I get in my head about health anxiety. I know I am healthy, my heart is racing because I am having anxiety - not because anything is wrong with me. Thank you for this meditation.
I learned that I have a hard time relaxing.
Need to breathe more deeply and relax my mind. Let the past go.
Tania Pagan-Rosario
Sat morning 10/23/21
I noticed that I feel tired even though I just woke up. My body isnt rested the way it should be.
I really needed this
I am Healthy & Healed! Thanks for sharing this with me; but I need to do a Halloween costume.... I’d like you to be Groovy too! ☕️🎃🐝👻☕️
I noticed my mind wonder alot. Thinking of the bag for I had last night and how it will affect me today.
I leaned to allow myself to slow down and listen, perhaps being disciplined and doing this everyday may help