Love to Yourself/Others
Excellent session to show yourself some affection and kindness as well giving it back to others. Laying down on my couch snuggling with a soft cozy blanket, I begin to focus on my breathing. Just letting my breath flow naturally. I place both of my hands over my heart with a small smile I breathe in kindness for myself and on my exhale I spread that kindness to others. On my next inhale, I breathe in love for myself and exhale love to all beings in the universe. As I continue to do this, my smile continues to grow. I feel love and warmth radiating throughout me like I’m giving myself a big hug. It also feels good to send loving thoughts to others that may need that little extra boost today. This session left me feeling warm and fuzzy all over. May you find a few moments in your day to slow down to show yourself some love and kindness.🥰💕🤗❤️