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Affectionate Breathing

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Our breathing goes on day after day, keeping us alive, and is always there for us as an anchor for our attention. How about a little affection for your breathing, and by extension, for yourself?
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I Can Breathe!
Although I struggled to stay focused in the beginning, I will definitely do this meditation again. To be fair, my struggles to remain focused were because Abby the English Mastiff & my meditation partner, was licking my arm to get my attention rather than quietly meditating at my side. 🤪 My other distraction was that I always struggle with breathing meditations. They typically create angst for me because I have a fear of not breathing, which gives me a reverse effect. Thank goodness I chose the 7 minute version. It allowed me enough time to finally realize that a traumatic event years earlier caused my fear. Once acknowledged, I was able to settle into the meditation. I look forward to trying it again.
It was very soothing.
I learn that it’s really hard to keep my mind from going which is one of my biggest struggles.
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