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Lou Redmond
Coach & Meditation Guide
In this short talk, Lou shares his insight on how to overcome fear and confidently progress on a spiritual journey. His words are reassuring for those who feel stuck or lost, and inspiring for all who find themselves on the Hero's path of Awakening.
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6 reflections
Awesome, Lou!!
Love it. Lots of affirmations. I feel great right now!! I enjoyed learning about my growth in this journey. I'm going to go find another of your lessons that is longer!!
Trust the journey
I am able to do so much more than I think I can. I need to push myself into greater things.
Trust the Process
Notice when I experience difficulty with others. That thing that bothers me about them is a reflection of something in me that I need to work on — possibly. Pay attention nevertheless and examine it.
Eveline Lal
Life Coaching
Absolutely beautiful! This is a constant reminder to ourselves. Well put together. Thank you so much!🙏
This confirms that things will probably get worse before they get better
Every day is not a party but you’ll be celebrating if you put in the work
The path of the heart…
…will bring up everything that is it’s opposite.. the journey to happiness will have some depression. The journey to peace will have moments of discontent. The wrestle of life.
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