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Mark Guay
Coach & Facilitator
In her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, author Marie Kondo asks us this question and it’s amazing to me just how often I’ve said “No” when asking myself it. And now, I challenge you to ask the same question: What adds spark to your life?
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What adds Spark to my life?
Living simple, uncluttered and free of negativity. Living passionately with compassion and empathy for others. Living, loving and laughing 🙏🧡😂🙏
Spark in my life
What adds spark in my life? I never thought about that. What an excellent session, Mark! I've always lived a life that didn't require a lot of things to make me happy. But, even what I do have could certainly use some spring cleaning. I love that concept! Of simply asking myself, does this certain item add spark to my life? If the answer is no, I can consider continuing my journey in this life without them. It must feel very freeing to do so. It's not just about the objects themselves, but my attachment to them. Their sentimental value. Or, I may have set them aside if I ever need them. Silly, I know. Great information! I'm going to check out your other content on Aura. I like your style. You aren't reading from a script, you interject emotions while you talk. It's refreshing. Thank you! 😊