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Activating Focus

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher
Infiltrating a channel of focus into your space, enabling you to activate this through meditation. Bringing focus onto what you need, from posture and breath into the rest of your day.
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Walter J
Focusing on the breathe helps to focus our attention which focuses our energy. This leads to one of my favorite sayings : “Where Focus goes, Energy flows!” Now think about what you need, turn it into an intention and use your breathe to help create it by focusing on it. It really is an easy way to get what you need and want. Of course two things to remember: 1) you must know What it is that you want! (Be bold & claim it!!!) 2) it must be in a positive form of what you WANT, it cannot be the negative of what you do not want (example- “I don’t want to be anxious” - this will not work! Instead say “ I want to be calm!” Try it out, pick a positive way to say what you want & focus on breathing deeply while thinking and mentally saying what you want. A mental image will appear and you will be drawn to it and it to you. Repeat often and start to take right, physical action and watch it begin to appear!! It is as easy as Focusing and breathing IF you know what you want! 💚👁🍀
So much
No matter how hard I try to make something happen…..what’s meant to be will be.
Identication of my day's focus will help define my day as my thoughts will help my actions to be more intentional.
Trust my focus
No doubting, keep going. Single thread for maximum positive benefit. Namaste
I need to complete a few thongs today keeping peace and calm. The more I focus the more I will be calm, due to completing what is necessary, but also to radiate calmness and ease.