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Activate Calm

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation takes you through easy techniques to activate your relaxation response, leaving you feeling calm.  You can use this technique throughout the day to maintain a sense of equanimity. 
From the community
21 reflections
Another valuable meditation.
No major insights. But definitely glad that I did the 3 min meditation. I always feel much more grounded and centered after it.
Grateful that my reminder came on so I could meditate to Active Calm!
Very helpful
I always have so much energy late at night, when I want to sleep. This helped me calm myself and it is easier to sleep
Activate Calm
Really nice meditation, calming and the feeling of warmth was comforting. I️ really like the idea of having the ability to activate calm anywhere at any time throughout your day.
Activate Calm
Think palms then stomach warm. Good idea to bring self back to present moment.
Activate Calm
I loved starting the warm calm in a small places and then moving it to cover my entire body. It was almost like covering up in a warm blanket. So soothing
Getting distracted
I realized that my focus shifts a lot. I want to meditate more.
Calm Warmth
I felt happy and warm focused on my breathing. I now think I should always try to feel that warmth even if I’m not on my carpet. I loved this feeling. It wasn’t the absolute best feeling I’ve ever had but it was very fun.
Thank you for your gentle guidance in helping me activate a sense of calm and warmth.🙏
Preparing for a stressful time
Today I wanted to focus on how to relieve stress and practice it since I know a lot of change is about to happen in my life and I want to be ready. Practicing mediation focused on destressing is so important, it will allow this skill to become second nature and you will think to do it as soon as you notice your stress level rise. I feel more prepared after doing this meditation!
Feeling the energies
As I had just been sharing reiki healing energies with one of my furkids before my daily session reminder came up, and this was the one chosen: it was easy for me to feel the sensations in the palms of my hands and then feel the energies and warmth flowing through my body. What synchronicity for the session chosen and a lovely way to end my reiki healing with My bunnies this morning and a sense of calm and relaxation for all of us.
Activate Calm
It is a cold and snowy morning here. What an wonderful way to start what could be a stressful day. It was like I was being wrapped in a comforting blanket. But this blanket is easy to pack and always with me.
Walter J
As I was sitting there focused on my belly breathing I felt pretty relaxed & good already. Then she got me to shift my focus to the palms of my hands that instantly got lit up & they started to almost vibrate into warm heaters. Within seconds it felt like they were mini wood stove, nice and warm. The heat started working up my arms in a tingly but comforting way to my shoulders. My breathing grew deeper and I straighten up taller as these warm Energy fields made their way towards each other meeting in the center of my chest. Another breath and my shoulders felt strong in their snug sweater-like Energy wrap and then it started to ‘knit’ its way down my chest toward my waist. This comfy warm sweater of calmness took over my whole body as I sat taller but more relax than I have ever felt before!! As I opened my eyes I could see the snow outside and I realized how cold the room must really be ... yet I was perfectly warm & extremely calm. I think I will wear my new “sweater” all day and try to be the calming affect for anyone & everyone who needs a little extra warmth or calm today. Namaste world! 💚🧶🍀
Embraced with Warmth
In this wonderful meditation, Cassandra gives us techniques to use to activate our parasympathetic nervous system, or rather the rest and digest system, allowing for our body and mind to be calm and relaxed. Being in a state of calm and relaxation, we can reach a sense of equanimity. After taking in a few deep breaths, I focused on the palms of my hands, as tingling sensations arose. Following Cassandra’s guidance, I visualized the palms of my hands getting warm. This warmth embraced my hands and then began to spread up my forearms, to my shoulders, to my chest and finally into my belly. My breathing began to deepen and slow down as I became aware of this warmth. Becoming aware of this warmth in both of my hands and belly simultaneously, this energy of warmth began to grow stronger until my entire body was embraced with warmth. Having my entire body embraced with warmth, I am more calm and relaxed than I have been in quite a while! Being embraced with warmth in this tranquil and peaceful state, I am cool, calm and collected. Thank you, Cassandra! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
ERIN Sinclair
I feel really relax
Less stress feeling better about myself & meditating makes me feel Calm & Relax
Really Good
This felt very cleansing and was great to help me recharge. I did find it a bit harder to focus on this one but still great nevertheless.
Warmth & calmness
Bringing the warmth of my hands throughout my arms and belly made me very calm. I really enjoyed this meditation. Thank you🙏🏻
Imagining warm hands and a belly. My hands got super heated and warm. It was relaxing. Definitely calming.
Out of control
I was out of control mentally and it helped balance my thinking out enough to relax my whole body and mind
I was able to relax my neck and shoulders so much that I felt a nice relaxing stretch where it’s been hurting so much lately
I felt very calm with my breathing and listening to the birds chirping and rain falling. Also her voice was very soothing!! Thank you so much Sue