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Accepting Yourself & Others

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Lou Redmond
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There are times when we ask ourselves, why am I not happy despite the things I have? What if, you are missing something that is essential? Let me share with you the first step on the path of transformation. This will guide you to truly see and know yourself.
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Acceptance and perfection
This was by far one of the best readings yet on Aura. Accepting myself as I am and my journey as it is has been extremely hard. Lately this has created an awareness in me of my judgment on others. I do not wish to judge others and I want to accept everyone for who they are. After hearing this I know I need to first learn to accept myself and realize I’m perfect the way I am. I’m hoping by doing this it can help me work through my trauma without so much resistance. The part about the world being perfect the way it is and, how we are barking up the wrong tree trying to change it, made since when you think about the energy flow. Maybe if we all just calm down, accept things as they are, and let the positive energy start flowing, the world too will start to heal its trauma. ❤️💚
acceptance of what is
The world is a mess. It always has been and it’s perfect. How I show up every day and accept the world and me as we are greatly eases my stress and is a path to my personal growth.
It’s not mine to fix the world. The world has always been a mess. It’s perfect.