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Accepting Difficult Things

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There are many things in life we find hard to accept, and it's usually for a good reason. But not accepting things means that we can just become stuck. Learn how to accept the difficult things in our own lives so that you can free yourself from suffering.
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May I accept this... it is so unwise to try to control situations over which we have no control. However, it is such a human thing to try to do. Accepting the fact that often we are powerless over circumstances is so difficult, it seems to go against our very nature. The advice given in this insight actually hands us back the power over ourselves and the situation. Simply by accepting things as they are, we regain control over our emotions and condition and are able to move forward and not remain stuck. Not easily done, but so effective. Great advice.
“May I accept this “ love this quote.
Would love to be able to learn accepting what happens in life more with relationships.
Katy Jo
Helpful yet distracting
I liked the message, but the background music has an ominous note to it.
The more I went to counseling
If I kept going over the trauma it physically and mentally stayed with me. Counseling twice a week for 8 years. When doing cognitive therapy and planning I was able to slowly desensitize my body’s reaction to the memory. Now... although I’ll never forget what happened I’m not re living it daily. Unfortunately, it took 10 years total but there was a way out.
“May I accept this”. I loved that simple and powerful sentence!
Wish I could’ve listened
Tried listening but unfortunately the music selection she chose to play in the background was so disturbing and creepy-like.
I simply cannot accept the situation I have landed in. I wish I could just turn my back on it and somehow move on, but Social Security has ”awarded” me a settlement on the disability case stemming from my massive stroke, but I've yet to receive my settlement from them. I've been going in person to the local office, and making phone call after phone call, but to no avail. No one has been able to explain what the hold up is! Giving up at this point would mean no money to help my family. Yet, I haven't been able to find and keep a job since my stroke! My family and I have needs! I need this awful chapter of my life to be closed finally! It’s been FAR too long!
This has always been difficult for me because I am so ambitious, either other are jealous or they actually want to see me fail! What I failed to realized was that I was letting myself fail for not accepting or even noticing the decline of my physical and mental health! Now I h e no choice because of the things that have been going on but I think it’s the best set back I could ever have! I am grateful for another day! I am loved and most importantly my son gets to see me healthy and moving forward! This helped me to continue to accept my situation and I still love through the moments and motions of recovery!
Easy and difficult at the same time
I also use another perspective which is letting go. It involves acceptance nevertheless by making it looks like you don’t need to resist at least for this time.
This meditation is shallow, superficial and, at best, offensively incomplete. All the issues she commented on are insignificant. Losing a job? Get over it and move on. A broken relationship? Hopefully, you are still alive, because…… My best friends daughter broke up with her “boyfriend.” He pulled out a gun, and shot her in the back of her head…killing her instantly! She was 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow at Noon (09/21/2019), we will bury our daughter, friend and sister. If you wish to meditate on “difficult” things: MAKE IT REAL !!! Paula, we love you deeply…we will miss you…you are in our hearts forever!!! ❤️✝️😭😭😭😭
New Reality
It is true, what we resist, persists. When something difficult and unexpected happens in our life, it is human nature that we want to try our hardest to change it, to make it better somehow. However, we cannot change what is out of our control, no matter how hard we try. In fact, not accepting reality only induces more suffering on ourselves. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to accept an unexpected loss in my life. Grieving is a process and no simple task to undertake. It isn’t only me grieving however. This new reality has inflicted pain upon Kayleigh’s son, Montee also. While I have tried my best to be strong for him by keeping a routine in his life, I see a deep sadness in his eyes at times that literally breaks my heart. Then it dawns on me all over again...we both are trying to accept this new reality. In this new reality, I am guilty of wanting him to in fact, Be more like how his mom used to be. Kayleigh was indeed, my ‘shadow’, in that wherever I was, she was. No matter how much I yearn for his infinite presence and snuggles in bed, I have to accept that Montee is the way he is, much more independent. Even though I struggle with this new reality, it is what it is. May I Accept This...
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