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Accepting Depression

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
The suffering that comes with depression is a common human experience and when accepted, becomes easier to work with. Acceptance does not mean passive resignation or that one has to love or like something. It simply means acknowledgment.
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Radical acceptance
Today was a hard fight to keep going. I wanted to sleep the away.i put my depression into my vault. I managed to clean my house, bathe my dog, make an amends, and go to church after saying good bye to my daughter. Today the depression did not win.
I appreciate the attempt.
But it felt like she was reading from a script and I had no connection with her nor any benefit or insight gained. The title made me hopeful that it was a bit more useful. However, I hope others found this helpful.
Thank You
A reminder that I am not alone in what I’m feeling is crucial. We are never alone, even if we feel like we are. Others experience what we do, and by connecting with those others, we can lessen our suffering.
Accepting Depression
I used to have a hard time dealing with the pain of losing whether it be a loved one or a pet. I used to think the death of a loved one or pet was negative but now I come to realize that death doesn’t always have to be negative. It simply is way to celebrate person or pet’s long life they lived, I’ve accepted the fact that death will happen to us all
Not for me
Not for my level of depression, I guess. I don't care if I'm not alone in my suffering. I prefer being alone, in general. I do best in isolation. I am not going to conjure up friendly feelings on a prompt or visualize a welcome mat that I'm not burning. It helps to hear these kinds of meditations, though, because it helps me know exactly what I don't need to hear so that I can cultivate a healthy self-hypnosis of my own. Something that says the opposite. Something like, "You are alone. You've lived through more than most people in their entire lives. You shouldn't have had to go through any of that in order to learn how resilient you are because you've always known. You are broken. You are the stuff of darkness. As dark as night. As vast as space. As deep as the universe. Allow the stars to beckon to you, their beloved brethren. Imagine you are wrapped in a blanket of night. No one can see you. No one can even remember you. You are floating comfortably among the stars. And you can breathe easy knowing that everything else is far away. It no longer matters if you're understood or if you're even happy. Because you just are. And that's all you need to be. On your next inhale, imagine all the love of your celestine ancestors pouring into your soul with the magic of night. Hold in that breath, imagining your body filled with the speckled glow of stardust. And as you exhale, release all tension as you accept the way things are, and just allow yourself to be. Because this is okay. And even though each day brings with it new challenges and stories, the night is always there without fail to comfort you and keep you tucked inside its deep, endless embrace. Imagine you're looking up into the starriest black sky you've ever seen. And instead of looking at the stars, look between them, into the dark. That is what 'forever' looks like. That is literally 'forever'. The unknown, quiet, eternally distant abyss. You will return there someday, but today, for now, you are a human who gets to experience the love and darkness of the eternal night in a way that even celestial bodies cannot comprehend. And while you have a job to do here on earth, it's important to have moments like these. Depression feels eternal because it's so connected with the dark. But the truth is, it's fleeting. So soak it up. Enjoy it while it lasts. Have yourself a good 'dark night of the soul'. And allow your next breath to be a sigh of relief. Big inhale. And big exhale through the mouth. You deserve this time to yourself. To process and move through this space. And remember that it's important to maintain a tether to this world. Because you don't want to get lost. Think of these times as your own personal 'space walk'. They're necessary for processing and for growth. But you must maintain that tether. You'll thank yourself once you're ready for the sunshine again. The night will be here for you any time you need it. After all, what is the sun, but an object in space, a temporary curtain."♥️
I remember being truly depressed in 1992. I was driving to an appointment with a VA counselor and I noticed that everything around me seemed gray and lifeless. I’d never had this feeling before or since. I think now I just reason out what’s going on with me and I journal.
Good awareness
This was short and helped with the awareness and acceptance to provide ourselves with permission to accept where we are wherever we are on our journey with depression.
I noticed that I became emotional during this mediation. I am usually very hard on myself and I do not give myself the grace that I would give others in my situation. The visualization of the welcome mat and welcoming myself and my feelings of depression with acceptance and neutrality and happiness made me feel so good.