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Accepting Change

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There are times in our life when things change and we weren't expecting them to. When unwanted change happens, we find it extremely difficult to accept and embrace it in our lives. This meditation helps you to open yourself up to accepting change, and allows you to let go of the suffering that comes along with unwanted change. 
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We can resist change or we can accept the new reality. It’s always a choice!
Walter J
Powerful lesson we all need to relearn. Accepting things as they are reduces stress. Resisting change increases stress. Pretty simple, learn to adapt & life will be more enjoyable for: “ What we Resist, Persists!” ❤️☮️🍀
When you’re lost in the whitewash, waves crashing down again and again. There is no escape in fighting, panicking. No amount of effort can save you. Find peace in stillness. Stop struggling and let your quiet heart rise to the surface.
I fought
I fought the teachings in this lesson. Life is tough, and if I choose to wallow? That's on me. I know better than many that things can change in a second, ready for them or not. I WANT to do more, do better than I am, even when life seems dead set against my success. But I will not stop fighting or accept the place I feel I'm being led to. I know I'm better than that, deserve more than that.
I felt empowered
“It is what it is” One of my mothers favorite phrases to say. My mother always the reactor, would often be the quickest to come to grips with any situation. I skill I greatfuly acquired one way or another, but one that I have lost sight of for a little while. But I’m ready to turn the corner.
excellent session it is hard for me to embrace change especially if it is unpleasant, unexpected and contrary to my expectations. But as I have grown older I have come to realize that the universe has a way of tossing unexpected curve balls at us that, if we can develop the proper mindfulness, become opportunities far more enriching than what we had originally envisioned. The way we choose to react makes the difference between misery and enlightenment
growth require change
Change cannot be avoided if you want grow. This is not always pleasant. But you can always leatn something from it.
Accepting the way things are
I hope to get my ex back, some day in a few months, and I’m willing to try, but I can’t hope for the best when I should be preparing for the worst or else nothing will change anyway. Whatever happens next I have to make myself happy first
I am happy that I am consistent with meditating. I am a peace and content.