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Acceptance Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Resistance is futile (and painful). This meditation supports you to soften, centre and become the calm in the middle of whatever storm you’re passing through in your life. The sooner you open up and accept what is, the sooner you can stand up on your board and ride the wave!
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Another interesting new type of Aura session
I find that I enjoyed this session quite a bit. The practitioner sounds young, but he seems to be quite competent. To be honest, I actually spent my time while listening researching some new graphic design and illustration software I’m evaluating for use on my new MacBook.
This was a great meditation for me to do to let go of these weird anxious, annoyed, and irritated emotions, that fluctuates from extreme to minor. I’ve been feeling it for 3 days so this was very helpful. It helped a lot. Thank you.
This was a much needed practice after some time away. There’s so much happening in my life right now that I am truly powerless to control. Resetting my mind to dwell in a place of radical acceptable helps me to remain grateful and at peace as events around me continue to evolve. It’s good to be back!
Baditude to Gratitude
This morning I woke up with a feeling of ...ugh it is going to be another full day of someone or something needing my attention. If you are having a hard time weathering the storms of life, I highly recommend this session. Settling into a comfortable sitting position outside in the grass, listening to Bradley’s soothing voice along with the soothing music in the background, I inhale deeply. As I inhale deeply, I am visualizing my back is like a corkscrew going into the earth. As I exhale, I can feel my body start to relax. I am feeling supported by the earth. The earth is saying “I got your back.” As I continue to inhale, I slowly tilt my head up to the sky to receive the new life energy the earth has to offer. On my exhale, I slowly tilt my head down blowing out the old negative energy into the earth. The negative energy I was feeling is now a feeling of gratitude. This feeling of gratitude is spreading throughout me. I am thankful for the gift of life and this new day.
That there is so much stress and anxiety in resisting change. Although my mind accepts something my body says something else. It's a work in progress to fully accept all that is changing.
Gratitude & Acceptance
Gathering all my energy from the past and from the future into NOW, I feel the power of the present now moment where my reality exists
Exactly what i needed
I have recently just gotten out of a 6 year relationship, and now living on my own for the first time in my life. There’s so many changes happening and it’s made me so distracted from myself, and things I were focusing on while I was in my relationship. I quit my practice during this time and this is the first time I’m coming back and it feels amazing. Acceptance can be one kid the hardest things to do, but once we do it things get so much easier and lighter for us. I may not be all the way there, but I am making progress and lost definitely will be doing this mediation again to help me along the way.
Estela D
Bradley Morris’ Tracks
I love all of Bradley’s tracks. His voice is calm and soothing, the background music are well-picked. All his tracks resonate in me. I can feel all his words, I can truly relate my feelings in them. Well done Brad! Thank u for keeping me well, alive and grateful. Love and more power to u! Namaste.