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ABCDE Model Exercise

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This exercise can be done written or cognitively and helps walk us through the ABCDE model to help us find a way of thinking about an activating event that is helpful and balanced.
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About no passover call with
Theres not a lot of positive evidence but there is some indication that its not all negative evidence and some of the negative thoughts are fears with some historical precedent but not known to be true. It would be more reasonable to suspend judging and negative thoughts at least to be able to stay more relaxed and less angry hurt upset
here goes another session that i need to practice more often. thanks a lot, Aura! these are VERY helpful
This exercise was very good to got through. It made more sense when I actually wrote out an example. Sometimes we don’t even have 100% concrete evidence on what’s happening in a situation.
So much work
Trying to heal your mind is so much work… I’m exhausted all of the time. Keep going… just keep going.
ABCDE exercise
I learned that it was especially usefully to write this down. Provides an easy, memorable structure to follow. Something I will take with me and return to I’m sure.
Openings for disputing my thoughts and judgements
ABCDE breaks my thinking or interrupts my thought patterns. I really show up entitled at least to myself. Others need to get it together. I create resentments and then there is this undercurrent of I’ve been wronged. And then I need to defend and rectify. So it is ABC over and over Tonight while dining I saw an example. “They forgot to serve me an item, I had to remind them, then later I was charged twice for the same item. Busy distracted mixed it up not paying attention and I had to pay even more attention. I could let that all go and speak up Nothing lasted long. Life among others.
Love this exercise.
Using this tool to work my way through feelings and thoughts that once traumatized me has been eye opening on my healing journey. The thoughts you have after leaving an emotionally/mentally (at times physically) abusive relationship are hard, but using this app and help from my best friend’s older sister, (she’s a licensed therapist) I’m getting better and better everyday. These days I’ve been feeling like myself again!!!💪🏼❤️🙏🏼
Cass Carlopio and CBT
I learned about the ABCDE model of CBT. I can see how it will help me.
I learned that the model of ABC DE in CBT. I think this will help me a lot. I love listening to Cass Carlopio.
ABCDE model exercise
Even in an example where I still think that the belief I based my reaction on was correct I was able to think of an alternative way to approach the person. It would have been better to explain my belief. That would be less confrontational and more likely to result in a nicer outcome. Excellent program!
Cass is my favorite coach I have listened to so far althought there are several excellent ones I have found already. Thanks Cass, great job.
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