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A Time of Acceptance

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
“Perhaps it is more fitting than ever to allow acceptance into your heart; to let it guide you towards even greater things.” - Dorothy Ratusny We do not always have the kind of relationships that we would like. Sometimes it is through our perseverance and dedication that the relationship becomes what we make it; and at times it is because the other person is not able to meet our needs; our needs of honesty, of trustworthiness, of kindness, and of integrity, that the relationship is limited. Acceptance must also be the understanding of this; the ability to allow for others on their own path and journey through life; and to release our attachments, to what we can accept is not possible; not as the result of our unwillingness, rather the acknowledgement and acceptance that another is unwilling or unable – or both.
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Acceptance is the key to my happiness. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I like what is happening or others are doing but it means I’ve accepted it as it is and move on. I waste so much less energy when I accept things for as they are as opposed to how I want them to be at times.
I gave all of me, the best of me, and acceptance of another. It was not to be. I loved with all I am. With who I am. I never gave up. I couldn't let go at one point because I think I was fearful of the pain that would surely follow. As I move forward, I realize instead of pain I'm free of his reign over me. Of me allowing that. Because I wasn't loving the person that needed to be loved. Me.
Acceptance May mean letting go
Accepting others may be a sign that it is best apart. We can be happy with ourselves yet not be fulfilled by our relationships.
Recently I fell let down by one of my daughters We were out as a family celebrating my birthday at a Thai restaurant. Andrea refused any money to help pay for the meal. I felt insulted and uncomfortable. Carolyn and Mark gave me 60 dollars to help. I paid the remainder. I didn’t expect to pay for my birthday meal. No gift or card from Andrew. Carolyn gave me a nice elephant shirt. I need to practice acceptance for Andrea.
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