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A Story Of Implementation Intention

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Brenda Bence
Certified Leadership Coach, Wellness
If you have a big project at work or a deadline looming and you're feeling angst and anxiety because you're unsure about how to make it happen, all of that can take its toll on your workplace wellness. If you sense pressure building, listen to this inspiring story of "implementation intention" and learn how one simple yet powerful question helped an Olympics team take home the gold. That same question can help you to re-focus your attention and reclaim a calming sense of progress and confidence toward achieving your workplace goals.
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What a profound story! As I get closer to launching my very first course on mindfulness, I have felt the angst and anxiety associated with it. Some days I have given into these feelings while other days I have found myself using them to motivate me forward. To stay focused on my intention, I will ask myself the following question: Will this get me closer to my intention? If not then I must ask myself: Is what I am about to do for long term growth or short term gain? The choice will become clear. Thank you for sharing this story and the idea of implementation intention and reminding me that with awareness, I have the power to choose! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
It is good to be reminded to think about your choices and to ask, will this help me meet my goal. I am often distracted