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A Question That Could Change Your Life

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Taressa Riazzi
Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
Are you hard on yourself? Do you find that you focus more on your self-perceived shortcomings? Listen to this message to learn the simple question I began asking myself, that shifted my entire life. I hope it helps you too!
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Because our brain is hardwired to tone in on survival instincts, it notices danger around every corner. Because of this, we are more prone to seeing the negative. In this way, our brain easily zooms in to our shortcomings. This in turn creates anxiety and a feeling of not being good enough. With mindfulness, we begin to be aware and with awareness comes choices. So we can flip the script. The next time our brain goes to the “what went wrong” narrative, immediately ask the question, what are you proud of today? I love this question because of how I feel after I ask it to myself. My heart is open, I sense a small smile on my face and my body is relaxed. I’m actually excited for life and all of its infinite possibilities. Try it for yourself! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
oh lord
this did not help me whatsoever. made it worse. if you have medically diagnosed anxiety/depression, your first thought after reflecting is going to be "you barely did anything", or "so-and-so did better than you".
Quick Helpful Reminder for Self Talk
This was a helpful reminder to shift negative self talk to positive self talk. <3
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