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A Prayer for Grace

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Dorina Owindi
Healing Coach & Healing Facilitator
There are days when we feel anxious, frustrated, tired, and lost. This prayer assists you in leaning into Divine guidance, even on the days you don't feel like it. This prayer holds your hand while you seek the grace you may need.
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5 reflections
I learned that I only do somethings to benefit myself but at the end of the day, I find myself thinking of the other person. How can I help. Am I looking for this friendship to end or do I want it to continue. This prayer helps me and gives me clarification. I know what I want for myself but I am struggling with letting it go and letting it happen in its own time. Give me grace and peace and let me know all will be okay because it is okay.
Apropos. 🙏🏼
This is very timely and pertinent for me… thank you. 🙏🏼it’s as though you were speaking right to me and many of my recent emotions… lovely.
Prayer is straight up to god
Confiding being consoled Asking and bring grateful Laying out my problems and asking fir burdens to be lifted is a powerful process.
Five star prayer
I’m most grateful for this prayer. Dorina gets into the prayer quickly after audio starts—thank you for this. Today, she echoed my feelings about anxiety, worry, fear and suffering. This is the first time I give 5 stars to an Aura audio and first download too. Thank you God for Dorina, and thank you, Dorina, for this heartfelt prayer and calling Him Yeshua. Btw, your name is beautiful. Thank you! God bless your days too.
This is a great prayer!
The words of this prayer are so expressive of the angst of my heart. It was a cry for help that I needed help making. Thank you!