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A Powerful Question To Ask Yourself

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Lou Redmond
Coach & Meditation Guide
In this short talk, Lou shares a tough but powerful question to reflect on to offer guidance on where your next stage of growth may be. By looking at the parts of ourselves we resist, we find insight that can help us navigate our healing journey. Photo by Md Mahdi
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2 reflections
This certainly raises issues that need airing. The question is do we pullout the whole junk drawer or simply select one item and sit with it until it’s cleared and released? It’s a toughie…because for me it’s domino effect. The one leading onto another. It’s all connected. So to get to the root…ah now that is the key…sometimes there are many. Just as one tree has many roots…we have many roots…but only one of us…tread lightly. Be gentle. Allow kindness for self. Because there is only one of you💖
What am I not willing to feel? While doing all this work on myself, am I bypassing some feelings that I don't want to feel? Things I don't want to deal with, heal, and move on? I will have to put some thoughts into that question and be brutally honest with myself.