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A NEW PRESCRIPTION to Heal Depression

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Here, I share a positive and holistic practice to free yourself from depression, and to help you move your thoughts and actions into self-kindness, self-care and self-love. This begins as you think of yourself as a part of the greater whole; and remember that you are not alone even when it may seem that way. By being of kindness and care for others, you feel uplifted and the same or similar feelings of love and gratitude for your goodness - in return. Grab the PDF for Depression Support here: Sending you a big virtual hug on this one :) Namaste!
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Unfortunately when the depression “hits” either through reminded trauma or a sad incident occurs, helping oneself is very difficult…let alone providing anything to anyone else. Keeping your head above water is at times so difficult it’s like wading through a deep swamp. So again, helping others is the last thing one wants to do. Sorry. 😢
A new prescription for depression
Very good session. I will repeat it. It lightened my mood. Depression has been a big part of my life.
I know that our service to others is important. Appropriate for depression treatment? When people need help? Not so much. 👎
I know that I feel better when I am giving back something of myself
Back to neighbors & friends. I have been keeping this up for a long time but I wasn’t fully appreciating how it helped me feel better. I need to be more aware & remind myself of the benefits to ME.
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