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A New Perspective on Change: A Manifesto

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
A manifesto to empower change in our life ... 'Change is how I grow, nourish, challenge and define myself and my limitless capacity for more - for goodness, for greatness whenever I choose to live as my highest self - whenever I realize my capacity for greatness lives in my ability to open to it - to become it through desire and the natural unfolding of change that takes me from where I am to where I choose to go.' Music Credit: 'Inside' by 36
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The only true constant in life. You can accept it, welcome it, or fight it tooth and nail. I've had to accept all the mass changes in my life these last few years. I may not like them all, but it’s worthless to fight. Move on. Move up. Keep moving forward. -Walt Disney
Be apart of the change you wish to see
Perfect timing. I was struggling to accept some changes at work. I blamed myself for missing the mark. I did not miss the mark. The mark moved. Leadership changed. A new vision emerged. I adapted because the only constant in life is change.
Walter J
Dorothy you have truly outdone yourself and all your other fine works!! Your Change Manifesto puts into words what I have been working at for the past 30+ years. Thank You!! I hope everyone would hear this. Kids in school, their parents at work, etc. We change with every passing moment, every breath we take, every Thought we Think. And it is up to us if it is for the better or worse. Change IS your friend (if you choose to change for the better) or your worst enemy if you are trying to stay the same (which by default means you are Not changing for the better). So learn the Laws of the Body , Mind & Soul & choose to Change for the Better! It is up to You!! ❤️☮️🍀
The Power of Change
Dorothy, this is absolutely magnificent. There is much I would like to say but my words could not possibly begin to describe the effect this has had on me. I must listen again and again in order to be certain I have gleaned every nugget of your beautiful wisdom. Thank you, Dorothy. 🙏🏻Namaste 🙏🏻
What a beautiful message on the perspective of change. Let change be our constant. When we embrace, and accept change we are open to an infinite of possibilities. Look for the underlying good of the change that occurs. As i heard this meditation i couldn’t help but picture our bodies. How from the moment we are born, our bodies are constantly changing. Each and everyday we experience that change, but to a certain extent we’ve accepted that, and each and every phase is a beautiful one. Our acceptance of change opens up to love, hope and inspiration. Love Love LOVED this meditation. Namaste.
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embracing the changes I feel myself needing to make isn't wrong. it isn't wrong to let yourself change. it isn't wrong for you to walk away from what holds you back. whatever it is that might be who is it who is it I dont know who it is to be quite honest. I've gotten off on quite a tangent. anyway change is okay. stop running from it.
Thank you for this beautiful perspective on change and powerful message.
Forest Meditation
My mind wandered throughout this meditation and struggled to imagine lying on the grass etc
I have been going through a lots changes. Sometimes I view it as a negative and that I’m hurting the people around me but it’s mostly to help me grow myself or stand up for myself or even give myself a better environment. This is a good meditation to remember to embrace that change.
A New Perspective on Change
I need to embrace the idea that change makes you happy! So many things have happened this year that I didn't see coming, but when I allowed them to happen it was wonderful. I need to keep that mindset every day!
i learned that change is something you should embrace. i really love this advice and i would 10/10 reccomend this to anyone and if you don't listen to this im gonna make you kiss my butthole
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