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A New Day: Rise And Shine Meditation

11 Min
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Steven Webb
Inner Peace and Emotional Wisdom Teacher
Embrace the promise of 'A New Day: Rise and Shine Meditation'. This transformative practice invites you to awaken gently, harness your innate confidence, and set intentions for a productive day, all while cultivating a deep sense of gratitude.
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3 reflections
Gratitude and Joy
That's what I'm filled with after this meditation today. I'm so glad I found it...what a gem. Thank you! It's just what I need for days when getting up and feeling clear n focused and motivated aren't coming too easily. This helped me enormously. So gentle and powerful too. Much love and light to everyone xoxo
High Vibes‼️👏
I believe this will be a High Vibe start to my day - more so with daily practice. I am focused, productive and energized 🐝. Sending the vibe out to the U with love🥰
Confidence & clarity
Really helped with self belief and visualising a positive day ahead - even with the usual bumps in the road!
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